Mumbai Wedding

Recently, I attended a wedding in Mumbai. Before I go ahead with details of wedding, I must congratulate “Mumbaikars” for their punctuality.

7 P.M means 7 P.M. Very very impressive !!!

This was my second invitation to a wedding in Mumbai involving a series of functions starting from a ritual early morning till the late night reception.

The wedding was organized at Siddharth Banquets (Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar Bhavan).

Though i was impressed by the first bite at breakfast, it was after dinner that i was completely convinced of this place as “The” choice for a wedding. The venue is equipped with all the facilities but what it can boast of is the highly courteous staff. They are always alert and grab every opportunity to serve you and make your experience a memorable one. It can rightly be stated that at this venue; “There is always someone watching you” !!! Full marks for hospitality of staff at Siddharth Banquets.

And, food !!!

The wedding party started with a “Maharashtrian” breakfast, followed by “Gujarati” lunch and a “Punjabi” dinner. Everything from “Misal Pao” to “Gujarati Kadhi” and finally “Paneer Pasanda” was outstanding.But, what took everyone’s heart was the Dessert counter.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Simply put, the reason was “Walnut” halwa. It raises everyone’s eyebrow at first; still, we Indians just go after anything that’s sweet.

So did I. It is till date the most innovative halwa I’ve ever tasted. Simply irresistible. So amazing that it prompted me to write a blog for Siddharth Banquets. I’m not uploading any snap; there are chances that i might bite something else recalling time when I had “Walnut” halwa. Though it’s very filling; one can’t stop going for another bite. I wish if it was served in delhi. A bite in winter season will be divine.

That was my experience at Siddharth Banquets and certainly an unforgettable one.

I congratulate Jayesh Sheth on running this show successfully.


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One thought on “Mumbai Wedding

  1. Being a friend of Jayesh Sheth and having the priviledge to dine at Siddhartha banquets i certainly complement this place. ***** stars to siddahartha banquets and not to forget the Quality of Crockery and cleanliness…..beena karia

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