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Walking street is the most happening place to be in Pattaya. The place tightly boasts of an amazing atmosphere and fun. Things kick off in the evening. However the real part pumps around 23:00 hrs and continues till early morning. Though the to-dos at walking street can be endless; I have tried to list some of the most important. At walking street, almost everything is an awesome if you’ve not experienced it before.

  1. Go-Go Bars: These are bars with pole dancers setting your mood. Alcatraz is a good one.
  2. Funny Sex Shows: These are funny sex shows that continue for an hour and have stunts like pussy/vaginal smoking, throwing a banana out of pussy. It may sound creepy but some stunts are funny.
  3. Open Bars: There are several open bars in and around walking street. There are live bands performing here but mostly they do covers (Metallica, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, etc.) to keep the crowd pumping.
  4. Magician: Experience some street magic at walking street. This is fun and awesome experience if you get to volunteer.
  5. B Boying: Some boys gather at walking street and start dancing (Hip Hop, Locking, Popping, etc.). Its super fun to watch such talent.
  6. Indian Mujra: There are some Indian bars around walking street that post Indian Mujra. Maharaja restaurant is one such place. Entry is for 100 Baht. Give it a try as the fee is nominal.
  7. Bar Girls: These are females at various bars who will accompany you. They lure you to spend more time and buy drinks at their bar to keep a good business. I have heard some people ask them out for a night as well. Though most of the bar girls aren’t sexy or hot or beautiful; LISA Bar has some good stuff. LISA bar is not at walking street. Its somewhere near Drinking Street on 2nd road.
  8. Good Bars: Hard Rock Café (HRC), Tavern, Gullivers, Farenheit are some good bars in pattaya. They have nice crowd and excellent food.


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