Travel Options in Pattaya

Following are some of the travel options:

  1. Tuk Tuk : These are cheapest options available for getting from one place to another. Tariff varying from 20-100 Baht.
  2. Taxi: Motor Bikes are referred as taxi and take you from one place to another. The tariffs are higher than Tuk Tuk and vary from 50-200 Baht. Take this option if you want to beat traffic.
  3. Cab: These are metered ones and are generally preferred for long routes. Toyota Corolla, Innova or Camry are some of the options available. Not suggested for 1st road on beach.
  4. Rent a Vehicle: You can rent a vehicle in Pattaya. Cheapest option is un-geared scooter that cost 300 Baht per day.  There are other options including some swanky cars and superbikes.

There are plenty of vendors on streets for renting out vehicles.


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