Massage In Pattaya

It is correct to state that massage is the most attractive thing in Thailand.

Having said that, there are massage multiple options one can choose from.

  1. Thai Massage: These are genuine Thai massages and are extremely strong in nature. They are most done with elbows and hence can hurt you. You can ask the masseuse to be softer but it depends on her to acknowledge your request.
  2. Massage Parlors: These offer various massage and spa options. Some of them are listed below:
    1. Oil Massage (Body): A full body oil massage for an hour will give you extreme relaxation. Worth a shot.
    2. Foot Massage: Superb massage experience with tickle effect.
    3. Head Massage.

There are several parlors but Sabai and Savvanna are good ones and have multiple outlets in Pattaya. These massages range from 300-1500 Bahts.

  1. Body Massage: This is a full body massage which includes the following. It’s everything what a massage shouldn’t be:
    1. Choose a girl from fish bowl or arena in front of you.
    2. She takes a bath with you.
    3. Give you a soapy massage i.e. roles over you nude with soap/foam all over.
    4. This is followed by a sex shot.
    5. The experience lasts around 90 minutes.
    6. Price of this massage varies from 2000-4000 Baht depending on the girl you choose.
    7. It’s a life time experience for most; however the girls aren’t really hot.


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