Thailand Tourist Visa Application Before/On-Arrival

This document describes tourist visa process for Thailand.
Generally, there are two options for tourist visa application:

    1. Before Travel:Applying for visa before travel can save you anything between 20-40 minutes from the on arrival visa process.
      1. Apply onlinelink for India. You can find more links for respective countries on Google.
      2. Agent: Provide visa services.
        1.  They take an extra charge and get visa before you travel.
        2.  In India, they charge anything between Rs. 2300 to Rs.3000. This includes the visa fee i.e. 1200 Baht.
    2. On Arrival: On arrival visa is received at the Thailand airport before you collect your check-in baggage.The following steps describe process for obtaining on arrival visa:
      1. Download form at the following link and fill it.
      2. Attach one recent (6 months) passport size photograph. Remember to carry photograph as getting it clicked at Bangkok airport is expensive.
      3. Get your filled form stamped before moving to the counter.
      4. Get your filled form stamped before moving to the counter.
      5. Once the form is stamped, you will have to sign again under the stamp.
      6. Then you are good to proceed to the immigration queue.
      7. There are 2 separate immigration queues:
        1. Normal
        2. Express: Faster queue with extra charge and preference for connecting flyers.
        3. I stood at the “Normal” queue and it took me 20-30 minutes
        4. Arrange the documents in the following order:
          1. Passport
          2. Boarding Pass
          3. Immigration Form
          4. On-Arrival Visa Form
          5. Return Ticket
      8. After validating the documents, you will be given a token number.
      9. Go to the respective queue when your token number is called out.
      10. Submit visa fee (1000 Baht) and passport.
      11. Get the visa stamped and you’re good to go
      12. Collect your baggage.

Note: You can be asked for more documents like your hotel/stay details, Bank statement, Min currency, etc.

Update:Dec,2016: Based on a feedback from recent traveller, he suggested the following:

  1. Carry extra cash as thailand is cash rich economy. He found that major restaurants expect cash(only) as mode of payment.
  2. Also, the site seeing companies expect cash payments only. If you want to avoid carrying cash, make the arrangements before travel and pay online.


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