Voter Card Registration After Marriage

This document guides you regarding the VoterID Card application process.
The scenario that I discuss below is “New Voter Card for Wife after marriage
Getting voter card made is the easiest process for a wife to obtain a proof of address after marriage.

The following steps are involved in application of VoterID Card:

  1. Fill up Form6
  2. Take a Xerox of filled up form. This is required when you will submit the application at the nearest centre.
  3. Take an extra copy of photograph you attached on Form6.
  4. Attach photocopy of your existing voter card (if any).You will have to submit your existing voter card when you collect your new one.
  5. Attach DOB proof (X Class passing certificate).
  6. Attach photocopy of husband’s voter card.
  7. Attach Current utility bill for present address.
  8. In-case you want a name change, an affidavit of marriage or marriage certificate may be required.

While submitting the application, the officer may ask to show originals.
Please carry originals of all supporting documents.

Someone else can submit an application on applicant’s behalf.
But, for collection of voter card, the applicant must go in person to the concerned office.
Applicant will be asked to collect the voter card after 30 days from day of submitting the application.

Link your Aadhar Card with Voter Card here.
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32 thoughts on “Voter Card Registration After Marriage

  1. Hi read your Blog, Appreciate all the hard work that u have done by creating this website and for each info that u have provided ,, can u help me with some more info like.. A Gazetted officer is required to be present b4 the SDM?


    • Manav, in case of voter card registration in Delhi; presence of gazetted officer is NOT required.
      Just the documents list worked when i got my wife’s Voter Card Registered with new name and address.

        • Gaurav,
          The process listed is as per my experience. I had filed for this application in 2010 and have shared the same here.
          I am not sure if there have been any changes. None that I have heard of.
          I can give you one suggestion to visit the office once and confirm about required document list. You can prepare your application accordingly.
          All the best and request you to share your feedback.
          It will be helpful for others.:-)

  2. can i submit this application at nearest center of my old voter id address(before marriage), or it should be in my husband’s home town?

    • Neha,

      As per our experience, application should be submitted to centre as per husband’s address on voter card.
      However, you can still inquire at the nearest center if the system is centralized and your application can be accepted or not.
      All the best 🙂

    • Chetan,
      Thanks for posting. But, i am not aware of this.
      I had submitted the application manually at the nearest center.

  3. i am married in dselhi and i want a new voter i card for delhi. in my marriage certificate the address is of our rental house in delhi n in my husbands voter i card the address is permanent address of my in laws in delhi..will my application be valid?

    • Hi,

      You can apply for voter card and attach you husband’s voter card copy.
      That should be fine and your voter card will have the same address.
      All the best. 🙂

  4. Hi,

    My wife has lost hi voter ID card (the one before marriage). We only have the xerox copy of the Voter Card.
    We need to apply for the new Voter Card with the name change (name after marriage).
    How to proceed in this case?

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the nice post. I have a query.
    My wife has lost her Voter Card before marriage. Although she is having the xerox copy of the Card.
    I need to get the new Voter Card with the new surname for my wife.
    How should i proceed with this case?

    • Nitish,

      I am not sure about this.
      I would suggest you to check with the nearest Voter centre.
      They will be able to guide you.
      All the best. Please post your feedback. It will be helpful for others.

  6. Hey i would like to appreciate the efforts you have taken to provide step by step detail . keep up the good work. Hav a nyc day.

  7. Hi,
    My wife does not have any voter id yet. I want to apply for her voter id soon. Her father expired at her age of 7 years in a remote forest in an accident so she does not have any death certificate but she has one court document that mentioned the death with notary seal. Her mother also does
    not have any voter id. Before marriage she applied for it with all her academic certificate, address prof and adhar card of her family members but it got cancelled.
    Now she is my wife and we have our marriage registry certificate. I myself have all ids viz voter, PAN, Passport and all. I am employed in a IT firm.Please tell me now, is there any problem to apply for her voter id based on husband name? and as in marriage certificate her name got changed to my surname please mention, what are the documents I need to provide to apply for the same. It would be very help full for your quick reply.


    • Hi,
      Till the time you have other proofs for successful application, you should be good without a voter card.
      Most people prefer it because it is the simplest process to get a voter card.
      All the best.

  8. What will be the identity & address proof for married women !? Is marriage certificate enough for identity & address proof as she want to change her surname also along with address !!!?
    And if she has already issued voter ID card befor marriage then which form she has to fill !?

  9. hi
    I visited nearest center and they gave me form 8 and form 8a.
    Now i am confused as you said its Form no 6 and they gave me 8 and 8a.
    Kindly suggest

  10. Please explain the procedure for name change after Marriage.
    i have got an information that i need to take out my name from my Mothers place and then only i can add the name at my husbands place. Please explain the whole procedure.
    Awaiting for your reply.

  11. Hi i am from delhi. I just got married… My wife is from UP and got no proof related to Delhi ..can she also apply for Delhi voter I card ?? If yes please suggest me procedure and document required.

  12. I have married recently in tample,not by I want to apply a new voter card for my

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