Marriage Certificate Registration Procedure in Delhi

Last updated: 22nd Jan, 2014

Marriage Registration is often ignored considering its a tedious task to accomplish.
Considering this, we have documented this guide after inputs from some couple’s experiences in getting their marriages registered.
Hopefully, this will be helpful.

The first step involves getting the required documents in place. Secondly, an appointment with Magistrate must be taken.
Let us first prepare our documents file.

Recent post by a guest related to “Marriage Registration Process At Kapashera

Documents List
A Couple would require the following if they have to get their marriage registered and obtain a marriage certificate.

  1. Voter ID Card (Copy)
  2. Ration Card of Husband (Copy) : Not Mandatory
  3. Affidavit (Marriage_Affidavit.pdf) by both parties.(You can get this made outside the court from notary). Note: It should mention wife’s name after marriage.
  4. Two passport sized photographs pasted on an A4 sheet. Template here.
  5. One marriage photograph pasted on A4 sheet. Template here.
  6. X class passing certificate (DOB proof) of both (Copy).
  7. Aadhar Card/ UID card (Mandatory). If you have not got Aadhar card, you can attach copy of the acknowledgement receipt.
  8. Attach Passport (Not Mandatory).
  9. All Documents mentioned above MUST be attested by Gazette Officer. A comment suggested that Rampura and Kapashera office accepted “Self Attested” copies as well.
  10. Current Month Utility Bill (Copy) (Note: This is not mentioned on website; but it is required.). Any MTNL, IGL, BSES, Water bill would suffice. This document has to be self-attested by the person in whose name the bill is.
  11. Marriage Invitation Card. If its not available, then child’s DOB proof is valid(Ref : Comments Section).
  12. Certificate from priest if marriage was solemnized in religious place.

Checklist Display at SDM Office

Once you are done with getting all documents/photographs, you will have to take an appointment. This can be done online or by visiting the court of your area. Note: As per a comment for this post; some area offices may not accept online appointment. Request you to please confirm by visiting the respective office. Some people(comments) suggested to try online appointment request at midnight.
Following form has been updated as per Aadhar requirements. It is used for manual application for appointment. A comment suggested that Kapashera branch does not acknowledge online filled form and there is a form which you get at the SDM office which needs to be filled. The online appointment is considered.

In order to take an appointment online, go to the following link

  1. Select your district and continue.
  2. Fill in husband’s details and choose “Registration of Marriage Certificate”.
  3. Fill in Marriage Certificate form and choose date of appointment.
  4. Click “Submit Application”

You would then get an acknowledgement page with details of your appointment and instructions.
There will be a link to fully filled form on that page. Click and print your form.
Take a printout of Acknowledgement Page as well.

Witness Form (Identification Certificate)
Applicants are also required to take a witness along-with them for marriage registration. A Witness can be anyone who has a PAN Card. The witness must not be in immediate blood relation and should have attended the marriage. There may be some offices that accept witness to be a blood relative(As per a comment below). As per another comment below, the marriages which are solemnized after 1st May,2014 need 2 witness otherwise marriages before that should have only one witness. For the form , Please refer “Witness_Form.pdf“.

In this form, the photographs are to be attested (Signed Across) by Witness.Attach PAN Card copy and address proof copy of witness with this form. The copies have to self-attested.

Witness must carry his original PAN Card and any address proof on the day of appointment. Also, Aadhar Card/ UID card is Mandatory for Witness Also. Carry copy of the Acknowledgement receipt if card not available.

Note: If Aadhar card/ Acknowledgement receipt is not available for any of the bride, groom or witness, the application will not be accepted. So, better apply for Aadhar before you go for Marraiage Registration. Refer to the notice here. Please refer to the Aadhar Application Process.

Order of Application
The following is the order in which you should arrange your file:

  1. Acknowledgement Page Print out
  2. Fully filled form
  3. Husband’s Affidavit
  4. Husband’s Voter Card
  5. Husband’s Ration Card.
  6. Husband’s X Certificate.
  7. Husband’s Passport/PAN Card (If attached) . PAN card is not mandatory but good to carry additional documents.
  8. Current Month Utility Bill
  9. Wife’s Affidavit
  10. Wife’s Voter Card
  11. Wife’s X Certificate.
  12. Wife’s Passport/PAN Card (If attached)
  13. A4 page with Marriage Photograph explained under “Document List” section Point No. 5 of this document.
  14. A4 page Passport sized photographs explained under “Document List” section Point No. 4 of this document.
  15. Witness Form (Identification Certificate)
  16. Witness PAN Card (Copy).
  17. Witness Address Proof (Copy).

Note: Request you to please post your experience/feedback.
Also, a lot of people have shared that the clerks try to be woo away applicants. In such cases, they had a word with SDM and work was done. Read the comments for more details on this.
Checkout other posts on Indian Govt. Processes here.


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406 thoughts on “Marriage Certificate Registration Procedure in Delhi

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  2. I do not have a voter id card, but I have a ration card and a pa card, passport, and 10 th certificate. My permanent address is in Noida.
    Do I still need an adhaar card, my husband has got an acknowledgement receipt of Adhaar card.
    is it mandatory for me to have it or it can be done by his receipt only?
    Kindly reply.

    • Hi Vineeta,

      As per the latest experience on my friend to get his marriage registered, aadhar card is mandatory for all i.e Husband,Wife and Witness.
      My friend’s witness forgot to take his aadhar card and was asked to get it for successful processing of application.
      So i would suggest to get aadhar card.

      Following is some info i would like to share:
      1. As far as i know, Aadhar registration is also done at the office of SDM (where you get your marriage registered). Atleast this is the case in Rampura SDM office in delhi.
      2. In case you want to get voter card, refer to our post related to it. I got it for my wife and the process is really simple and fast.

      • how this possible after aplying for ragistration than shuld order from the court for varifacation report in hindu marriage act bothe of partys address and both party are majer plz help

      • hi,
        plz tell me the time which i have to apply online.i tried many times but all the times it says try tomorrow.i m living in mundka delhi 41 plz tell me axact time when i can register my appointment online for marriage certificate

      • Dear Sir,

        This is to bring to your kind attention that my wife and I got married in Feb 2007 in Delhi, at that time my wife used to live in Delhi and I used to live in Gurgaon (Haryana).

        For some reason we did not get our marriage certificate made but now need it as my wife is applying for a passport.

        We would highly appreciate if you could guide us since we do not have any address proof of Delhi and that we have got our Aadhar Cards made and the address is of Gurgaon (Haryana).

        We can produce witnesses who have Aadhar Cards of Delhi, so is there any way we can have the Marriage Certificate made without the address proof of Delhi?

        • Hi Siddharth,

          I am not sure of this case. I think you should visit the near by office and enquire. Please share your feedback and inputs. It will help others.

  3. How long does it take to get the certificate? There is no clarity on the government website on the time it can take.

    • Hi Diksha,

      In Delhi, the marriage certificate is handed over then and there.No delay of days or weeks. 🙂

      Please share feedback of your marriage certificate application process.
      It will help us validate our post.

      • Oh thats a relief to know! i have to apply for my dependent visa and the info on govt website is something i cant rely on. they mention something like 30 days!

        • Diksha,

          As far as the marriage certificate is concerned; we get it the same day. Not sure about the dependency with the visa process.
          All the best.
          Share your word on the experience. 🙂

          • Can one fill and submit the registeration form online a few days before the wedding? We want to register the wedding the very next day so need a date closest possible.

          • Diksha,

            You can try.
            Ideally, system should allow you as you’re taking a registration appointment after marriage date.
            Please share your feedback.
            All the best. 🙂

  4. please confirm regarding gazetted officer requirement as when i applied online..the receipt it generates says that bring one gazzetted officer with you.
    Secondly, me or my husband do not have ration card…but have all other documents..including voters id, aadhaar card and passport….so will it be okay to not have ration card

    invitation card is not available..though we have certificate from the gurudwara where our marriage was solemnized…please help as we need to get the registration done urgently

    • Deep,

      Per my experience :
      1. Gazetted officer is not required.
      2. Ration Card is not mandatory.
      3. When i applied couple of years back, i had attached the invitation card though i was not sure. Try to find one i.e. scanned,hard copy,etc. In case its not available; just go ahead and try.
      4. Just an advice, carry all documents when going for application processing. Give them whatever document they ask and get the work done. 🙂

      Please share your feedback. It will help others.

    • Hi Rajesh,

      I am afraid you will have to do that on your own. All I can do is provide the following input :

      You can get in touch with any Government school principal or medical officer for this purpose. All the best.

  5. Hi Guyz,

    Its been more than one year for our marriage. Our marriage was solemnized in Yamuna Nagar (Haryana). We have Invitation cards with that address only. My wife was living in west Delhi before marriage and she is having all address proof of that address only. I am not having any firm address proof of Delhi. Also my passport is bearing my permanent address of Yamuna Nagar.

    Is it possible for us to get our marriage registered in Delhi? As we both are working and its not possible to get it registered there in Yamuna Nagar because the procedure is too lengthy.

    Please Help !!!!


  6. Hi,

    Its been more than one year for our marriage. Our marriage was solemnized in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana. We have Invitation cards with that address only. My wife was living in west Delhi before marriage and she is having all address proof of that address only. I am not having any firm address proof of Delhi. Also my passport is bearing my permanent address of Yamuna Nagar.

    Is it possible for us to get our marriage registered in Delhi? As we both are working and its not possible to get it registered there in Yamuna Nagar because the procedure is too lengthy.

    Please Help !!!!

    • Nitin,

      Following is my response as per my knowledge:

      1. Marriage registration in Delhi is done at SDM offfice as per your residence proof. So technically, you can get your marriage registered in Delhi.
      2. However, a concrete address proof of both (Husband & Wife) is mandatory.
      3. I suggest you to get an address proof before applying. You can check out the Voter Card Application Guide.

      All the best.

  7. A very helpful post. Got my marriage certificate with ease after going through this post. I am sharing more useful points to get it done.

    Getting the Appointment:
    The system shows 4 dates for marriage registration, for ex. if you see website on sunday, then the next four dates shown will be: Monday, Wednesday, Friday & next week monday. Most of the time these slots will be over. So you need to check at 12AM to get a slot. There are only 3 slots per day. So all the best and keep trying. There is also an option of getting manual date (10 slots only) and the date will be given after 2-3 months. For this you’ve to go there in person.

    On the date of registration:
    Reach Early. The document submission time is till 10 AM. If you’ve to get affidavite made then make sure you reach early and you can get it made from near by only. But this might take time so my suggestion is to reach there on time.
    The lady at Rampura SDM office who checks your document will give you real hard time if any of the document is not complete. She might throw your documents at your face if they are not complete and harass you. Though the current ADM is very kind and helpful.

    Just get all the documents listed above then you are all set to go.

    All the best.

    • Harsh,

      Did they consider your online application and Online appointment date you got.

      At Saket office, I was told that they don’t consider online applications.


  8. Hi,

    Is it necessary to have any utility bills in husband/wife’s name? Or can these be in parents name?
    Also, if one doesn’t have a ration card, is there some other document which needs to be carried in lieu of it?


    • Nitin,

      1. No. It is not mandatory to be in your/wife’s name. It can be parent’s name. I think they ask for it to verify that the address proof is active. I had produced an attested copy of bill in my father’s name.
      2. Ration Card should not be a problem as most offices do not consider it as an address proof now. Other documents are listed in post.
      3. No harm in carrying as many documents with you. Be ready in case they ask for some other document than listed in the post.

      All the best. Please share your feedback.

      • Thanks allzhere.

        Also, I have heard from some experiences that one has to get an appointment, submit the documents to sdm and then one gets appointment (typically a month later) for getting actual certificate. Is it true? Or that is how it works for manual procedure?

        • Nitin,

          The online appointment process is explained in post and one of the comments.
          I would recommend to fill in details online and get an appointment.
          Take the documents and reach SDM office on the day.

          What you have asked in your comment is the manual process and involves visiting the SDM office twice.

  9. Hi,

    I had applied onln. However due to some reasons I could not go to SDM’s office on the appointed day. Now when I try to register again Online, it doesn’t give me any new date…Just shows the option the print the application form.

    Could you please let me know how I can get a new appointment date.

    Thanks in advance!

    -Shilpi Karan Anand

    • Shilpi,

      This issue happened with me as well.
      However, system allowed me to register later; probably after a month.
      You can try to access it from a different browser or alter some details like spaces,etc. to make it look a different application.
      All the best.
      Please share your feedback.

      • This is working.I was able to Register again by adding a new space to one field.

        Thank You very much!

  10. I applied Online and went to SDM’s office (MB Road, Saket) on the appointment date I got on-line.

    On reaching the office, I was told that they don’t consider Online applications!!!!

    Then why the hell they have put an online process for this??

    I was told that I need to submit the documents by hand and after that I would be given a date of one month later or so….on that day I am supposed to bring a witness with myself.

    Also time mentioned on the online form was to reach office between 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon. But we were told that Mr.SDM arrives only after 11:00 AM. T

    I also got to know that you won’t face any hurdles if you get the work done through Agent.

    Hats off to this govt procedure!!!

    • Shilpi,

      We have experiences shared by people who got marriage certificates via online appointments.
      Sad to hear that they didn’t accept online applications.
      Seriously, what’s the point of having area office listed on web site when its not accepting online applications.
      I will add a comment in post to warn others.
      Appreciate your feedback. It will help others.

  11. I recently got the appointment . Thanks to Harsh for 12AM booking idea..But one thing I noticed in the acknowledgment receipt it is clearly mention to bring the gazetted officer along with you at the time of registartion so I want to clarify is it actually required or any person(in blood relation or not ) having a PAN card would suffice ?

  12. Your aritcle is very helpful, keep up the good work.

    I have a question, can we take our parents (blood relatives) as witness, if not, are witness (touts posing as witness) available around Rampua SDM office. Many thanks.

    • Hi,
      As far as i know;

      1. Parent/Blood Relatives cannot be witness.
      2. Did not encounter any tout offering to be a witness.
      3. Would recommend to take along a genuine witness.

      All the best.

  13. Hi,

    First of all thanks for this extremely useful information. My wife’s maiden name is Neha Gupta and on her Aadhar card and PAN card, name is mentioned as Neha Agarwal. Is that an issue? What should I mention in applicant’s name field – Neha Gupta or Neha Agarwal?

    • Sachin,

      Appreciate the kind words.
      Strange, you wife’s maiden name is Neha Gupta and she has an Id proof in the name of Neha Agarwal. 🙂
      However, mention the name that she wants to keep after marriage supported with documents.
      Keep uniformity in your application as you have relevant documents to support it. All the best.

  14. There was a news sometime back, that, delay in getting marriage certificate would attract penalty, is it true. My marriage is 1.5 years old, would I be penalized.

      • hi, Thanks for your reply.
        I have got appointment for 26th June, will post experience post visit. Another quick question, do we need address proof of wife before marriage. I have stated same address as present and permanent for wife, do I need to change that? Thanks.

        • Hi,

          Carry proof of whatever you’ve mentioned in the application.
          No harm in carrying additional documents as well.
          All the best. 🙂

          • Hi all,

            Today I got mrg. cert. in first attempt. Thanks to Allzhere, we had all the documents required with us.

            Here’s the full report.
            Had taken online appnt for 26th June last week, Manual appnt. means date after 2-3 months. Carried all the docs mentioned with form, but I made mistake of not getting them attested from gazetted offcr. I thought attestion can be done by notary as well, but I was wrong. Anyhow, I decided to give it a shot, I told my story to lady at window no. 2, and told her that I am carrying all req docs along with originals. She was helpful enough to accept it. Staff was really helpful to orgniaze the docs in a particular order. By 1.30 pm I had the cert. in my hand.
            Some key points:
            1. Staff is helpful, just be patient with them, you know how govt. employees work, dont argue, but request.
            2. ADM generally comes to office by 11.30 am, so reach around 11 and get paper work done at window 2.
            3. Even these days they are accepting parents as witness as well. Lady told me we are a bit liberal these days. 🙂
            4. Witness should have Aadhar, PAN and Voter ID, otherwise its rejection.

          • Shilpi,

            We’ve posted experience about SDM at Rampura(designated for our residence).

  15. Hi, I went at Rampura today with all my documents, I have been given date of 03rd September and have been asked to submit the documents a week before and then only the receipt will be generated.

    • Nitin,

      I had taken online appointment.
      However, as far as i remember, what you are describing is a case of manual appointment.
      All the best.

  16. Do the husband and wife should have the PAN card and Passport for applying marriage cetificats at SDM office.

    • Not Necessary but good to have.
      You never know what they might ask for.
      Till the time you’re fine with expected documents like ID,Address proof,etc. ; you are good to go.
      All the best. 🙂

  17. Hi, can you please tell me, if I am not living in Delhi but would like to marry there under the special marriage act, can I still get married there if I stay at my usual hotel in Delhi for 30 days.+ My partner is not from India Thank you

    • Hi,

      I am not sure about your scenario.
      But, if you can fulfill the documents requirement mentioned; think you should be good.
      All the best.

      • Thank you for your reply, can you recommend a dependable lawyer I might contact or where I can find a lawyer whould could possibly handle the whole process as we do not want to have to travel there wait 30 days then to travel home only to need to return again.. thanks in advance

          • ok, well thanks anyway. your site mostly speaks about marriages of persons within India and living in India,( and good luck to all) do you know any details of the process to marry in Delhi under the special marriage act, are both of us required to be present at the submission of the intention to marry, one of us is resident in India the other overseas. I understand one of us is required to reside in Delhi for at least 30 days. but we are not knowing much more than that.Thanks for your time its really appreciated.

          • Nuala,

            Thanks for your inputs.
            We’re not aware of the scenario you are referring to and hence cannot post on that.

  18. Thanks a lot allzhere for the process, today I got my marriage certificate in first attempt 🙂

    I would like to add up to the process that the affidavit of wife which needs to be submitted should contain that name of girl which the couple wants to use post marriage & not the pre marriage name. Because the marriage certificate will contain the names that are present in the affidavit.


      • I am going to apply through manual appointment. Can i go alone and submit the documents and also do i need to submit Witness identification form?

        • Kuvleen,
          You can go ahead and submit manual application alone.
          However, the application must be complete to get an appointment. The entire application document is listed in post. The officer will very the application and give appointment.

  19. Hi,
    Very well documented post.
    Information provided is to the point and covering the entire process.

    Thanks for sharing the information.
    Great post!!

    Regards, MJ

  20. Hi,

    We are in the process to apply for marriage registration. Just a que, I have all the relevant documents except Certificate from priest if marriage was solemnized in religious place. Our marriage took place in a marriage hall. Is this doc really imp?


  21. Re: one of the posts above, the online appointment website does not allow you to book appointments prior to your marriage date, even if the date of appointment sought is after the date of marriage.
    Had one question – Is the presence of both the husband and wife necessary for the registration? My issue is that the hubby will be in India only for a couple of days post marriage, because he got limited days off work. I’m wondering if it would be enough for just me to be there (with the witness and all the required paperwork signed by the husband) to get the registration done? Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi,

      Both husband and wife along with witness have to be present at the registration.
      The SDM officer verifies that.
      All the best. 🙂

  22. Hi,
    I have an apointment tomorrow for marriage resistration. I just checked the link for the reviews. Thereby, I am to know that we need an Aadhar card for the same. Also, I do not have voter’s ID as I was not in my home town for approximately 8 years. Please suggest what can be done.


    • Mohit,
      Aadhar card is required.
      Regarding voter card; i am not sure. In my case it was required. However, since you have no time left; just carry all documents(id/address/dob proof) with attested copies. Submit whatever is required so you can get application processed tomorrow itself. All the best.

  23. While filling up the form online or manualy do I have to put my wife befor marrige name or afte marrige name in bride details colum.

  24. hi,i want an advice.i am from punjab and i got married to my girl friend in arya samaj mandir,delhi.both of our parents are unaware of it.
    now 1) will our marriage be registered only in delhi or from anywhere by showing documentry proofs ?
    .2)will our families be receiving some sort of intimation by court?

  25. Hi,

    I want to take an appointment online for marriage registration. I tried to fill the form online 100 times in different browser on different laptops but it just doesn’t work.

    When i click on submit button at the end, it opens up a blank window. God knows who created this web site.

    Want to check if any one on this planet has ever successfully submitted this form and got an online appointment. Or the only way to get a certificate is by hiring an agent?

    God save this country.

    • Pinki,

      Not sure about what is wrong with the website.
      You can visit the SDM office and take a manual appointment as well.
      All the best. 🙂

  26. Hi,

    I want to take appointment for marriage registration online for 2nd week of august, so latest by when can I do the online registration.
    Secondly, we don’t have aadhar card but have rest of the documents, so are there any chances of application getting rejected?
    lastly, somebody told us that identification certificate has to be filled by gazetted officer, is this correct? Or it has to be filled by witness?
    Also we are being told that on rs 10 stamp paper, affirmation has to be given that the couple was not related before marriage. Do we really need this document?
    Would appreciate quick response as we are left with few days.
    Thanks and regards

    • Garima,

      1. You can try various dates and check whatever is available. I was able to get an couple after couple of weeks.
      2. Per our recent experience, Aadhar is mandatory.
      3. Identification filled by gazetted officer : No, that’s not the case. It can be anyone with PAN card & Aadhar.
      4. The affidavit can be made outside the SDM office from any notary. They have the format and know the stamp paper to be used.
      5. Most importantly, request you to please read the post carefully; as every detail is mentioned there.
      All the best. 🙂

      • Thanks for the prompt rep.
        Your post above says if aadhar is not available you can attach copy of the acknowledgement receipt. what exactly is acknowledgement receipt here.

        • Garima,
          Acknowledgement here applies to the receipt you got when applied for aadhar card.
          So in case you have not received aadhar card yet, you can attach the acknowledgement receipt in the application. All the best and please share your feedback.

  27. Hi,

    We took online appointment for 17th July and were at Kapashera SDM, but got to know that they do not consider online appointment there. We submitted all our documents (thanks to this blog that there were no issues with the documents submitted by us. Also I did not have my voter id card, but my husband had.) and were asked to come on 14th Aug for final registration as no other dates were available.
    Incase anyone visiting Kapashera SDM for marriage registration, please plan accordingly.
    All the best!!


  28. Please help me out:
    I was staying in rented house due to which my address also kept on changing.
    My aadhar card is of my previous address.
    My ration card is of my prior to previous address.
    My voter id card and passport are on my present address.
    Electricity connection is on my fathers name on my present address.
    What shall I do in my case for registration of my marriage, I had gone to the sfm office in delhi cantt for change of address on my ration card but those people are saying that they are not accepting any application for change of address in ration card for atleast 1 month.

    • Indermeet,

      1. Aadhar Card : I think you should check aadhar site for changes to your aadhar card. I heard they have a fairly simple process.
      2. Ration Card : Address update won’t help as it is not considered as an address proof by many institutions.
      3. If you have passport and voter card with yourself, i think you should be good with the application process. Aadhar might be an issue, but you can check it out once at the SDM office.
      All the best. 🙂 . Please share your feedback.

  29. I will be applying for an online appointment at SDM , Rampura. Can anyone let me know how to pay the fees , either we have to pay it online or we need to submit it manually on the day of appointment. Also it looks like entire thing i.e submission of docs, fee submission and collection of ceritficate can be done on the same day after taking appointment, please confirm is it true right?

  30. I got my marriage certificate on the same day without any issue. I followed the steps given on this page. I went to Rampura and i found staff is really very cooperative there. Just one point to remember don’t argue with the staff there…just request them and they will cooperate with you. I booked the appointment online and on took extra documents with me becuase i dont want that they should give me another date becuase of insufficent documents. I reached there at 10 and got my MC around 3PM. I am happy becuase i got the MC on the same day. Thanks a lot for putting the documents list on the website. You are doing the excellent job!!!!!

  31. Can you please advise, i am staying in Dwarka Sector 18 do i have to vist Ramapur DM Office and is it open on saturday.

  32. Hi,

    A quick query.

    I have filed an online application last night and need to go to Rampura on August 30th. The only concern is that I have filled the entire format in dd/mm/yyyy format which is applicable in India. After submission, while printing the application form, I saw that the website backend picked the date of births of mine and my spouse in dd/mm/yyyy format and date of marriage in mm/dd/yyyy format. Did it happen with others as well who filed online applications or it has just happened in my case?


  33. Hi,
    I am from uttrakhand got married in may 2013 and living in a rented flat in delhi since May 2013(before this i was in chennai, pune and Mumbai). I dont have any current residence proof except lease agreement or bank statement. BSES bill is in owners name. Will I be able to register my marriage in Delhi. I have voter id, ration card and passport but all having different address.


    • Dipesh,

      I think you will need something more concrete here.
      Will suggest you to get the voter id address changed.
      For the current bill, you can show any other utility bill, i guess. When i applied, there were some people who attached they mobile phone bills.
      All the best. 🙂

  34. Hello, I want to know what kind of questions they ask to the witness in the court. Also Me, and my couple friend, both want to register the marriage at Rampura on 3rd Sept. So wanted to ask, if we can get the online dates by applying today at 12AM and also if we both can be witness to each other. We have all the requisite documents. And if we take manual appointment on 3rd Sep, then does that mean we will get the registration dates coming 1-2 months.

    Also, my marriage took place in Pathankot, Punjab but since then we are living in Delhi, so can our marriage be registered in Delhi. We have most of the identity proofs of Delhi.

    Please advise.


    • 1. General Questions. How do you know the couple,when was marriage,etc. This is what was asked when i applied.
      2. Check online appointment on the website as we don’t have a clue about it.
      3. Anyone who attended marriage can be witness.
      4. When i went for an online appointment, i had received a date 30-45 days later.
      5. If all documents are of Delhi; then you should not have an issue.

      All the best. 🙂

  35. Hi,
    I need more clarifications on the passport size picture. Does that need to be pasted in one plain A4 sheet i.e a total of 4 pictures 2 for husband and 2 for wife on one plain sheet and how does it need to be attested . Only attestation at one place will work or attestation should be there on each picture

    • A4 Sheet : 2 photos of husband/wife each. All to be attested separately.
      Please refer the doc link in the post. All the best. 🙂

  36. For marriage solemnized in the past 1-2 year, does the certificate mention Maiden name of wife or Married name (name after surname change). If maiden name of wife is not mentioned in the certificate, then the marriage certificate is not good enough to correlate the educational degrees, birth certificate, etc. in maiden name of wife with other identifty documents obtained after the marriage (with surname change). Lets say if it mentioned as “Mr. X Smith” and “Mrs. Y Smith” are married – it does not prove that the educational certificates, etc. of “Miss. Y John” are that of “Mrs. Y Smith” nor does it prove that the wife has changed surname post marriage.

    Also, if possible, please share the text/language of the certificate.

    • 1. Marriage Certificate mentions name that you filled in application form.
      2. Marriage certificate is printed in english.
      3. Regarding correlation, i think it can be done via the parents name,dob, etc. matching.
      Hope that helps.

  37. I marriaged aorund 14 years back in Bihar, can I get my marriage register in Dehil? Do I need any specific document in my case?


    • If your document list is in accordance with the ones specified in post, you should be good.
      All the best. Please share your feedback.

  38. Hi There,

    Thanks for an informative post, it is really helpful! I noticed that everywhere Adhar Card is mentioned and is supposedly a required document for the process. I have a question here to ask, what if we are not staying in India and are working abroad and we do not have an Adhar card?
    I got married in year 2010 but could not apply for marriage certificate due to my commitments with work. I was working out of Delhi at that time! Now we both have moved abroad and would like to get our marriage certificate and get our marriage registered. Do you think we would still need an Adhar card for the registration process? Is it important to let the authorities know that we are no longer staying in India? I have all documents in place except the Adhar card! Also, the affidavit is dated sometime in year 2011 when I tried to apply but due to my husband’s unavailability could not proceed with the process.

    Would need your feedback so that I can plan the next steps accordingly. I am planning to come to India for sometime when I want this work to get done!

    Thanks in advance!

    • Reema,

      1. As per the update, Aadhar card is mandatory. If you want to apply, there is a post describing the process for it (not updated though). When you visit india, get the aadhar application first.
      2. Affidavit: I would suggest you to get a fresh one with latest date. Why give a reason for anyone to question.

      All the best. 🙂

  39. Thanks a lot for a prompt response! Appreciate it. Is it possible to initiate the Adhar card application before? Can I ask my dad to do it on my behalf or my presence is essential?

    I will try and find out more on Adhar card application and in case of any questions, will follow up with you!

    And thanks for the affidavit thing, I will get a new one once I come down! I think affidavit is needed only for the person falling in the jurisdiction where application is filed? Or is it needed for both of us?


    • Hello Reema,

      I would like to inform you that Aadhar process takes 3 months on an average. Also to apply for Aadhar one needs to be physically present because all the biometric data of the applicant is collected for application.

  40. Thanks Shilpi! I am not sure how shall I proceed now! I will be India only for couple of weeks! I thought of getting this work done at that time, not sure now if they will accept my application without this Adhar card!!

    I am clueless at the moment! 🙁

    • Reema,

      If you seek help from consultants, your work can even be done in just one day!!!

      That too without Aadhar card!!!

      One can pay money to consultants and get the work done.

      I went to get my marriage registered (without any consultant) with all the required docs..still i could not get my registration done because i didn’t bribe them. Never would I do so.

      Good luck to you!


  41. Guys!
    I am kind of confused here, the link above that directs to the Delhi GoV site and has all the application forms, is it different from the one when you apply online for Marriage Registration?

    Which form do we have to carry duly filled and signed by both when we go in person?

    Or is it like, you apply online, get a date and time and with all other documents carry this form (from the delhi Gov site) signed and completely filled in?

    Also, I noticed this form has a section if Adhar card is not available fill in 2a & 2b which are like your other ID proofs (Passport, Voter ID, Driving License etc…) Is that doable? I am gonna try my luck with this approach!

    I will keep you all posted on my case!!

    Thanks for all your support!

  42. Hi

    Need to get my wife’s name change after marriage on the marriage ceritifcate. ? Would I require to put some ad in the newspaper for the same or just the affidavit would do ?

    • Udit,
      Just the affidavit will do when you apply for marriage certificate.
      Make sure you fill the desired name in application forms as well.
      All the best.:-)

      • Hi
        Which other application forms are you talking about ?

        Also – how many witness do I need ? I was thinking of taking my friend along , but in the witness form there is a statement ” for how long do u know both of them”. For sure , my friend knew only me before marriage. So how do we manage this ?

  43. I live in Janakpuri , B3B block, can you let me know which will be my Sub Division? Also when i am trying to apply online it is asking for district and the drop down has got 2 janakpuri’s , one by the name of “Janakpuri” and the other by the name of “Janak Puri”. Also whenever i try to take an appointment online it shows dates are full. Has anyone successfully applied online?

    • Nitin,
      I think it should be at rampura.
      I chose the first option as Janakpuri.
      Was able to get the online appointment, after 3 weeks.
      All the best.

  44. Hi
    1. How many witness do we need to take along us ?

    2. I have taken the appointment for Monday – 23rd September. It says that i am supposed to visit the registrar’s office. Is the office same as that for SDM ? Where would the registrar office be in East Delhi

  45. Hi I have 2 questions: can i take my father as witness ? and second do the witness have to fill in any of the form and take it along with him/her during the day of appointment?

    • Nitin,
      Details are mentioned in the post.
      Witness cannot be a relative.
      Form needs and that is mentioned in post.
      Request you to please read.

  46. My experience was not the very best.

    I had to go to Saket Office. For some unknown reasons , Saket office does not acknowledge any online appointment. I had prepared all the documents well in advance and reached the required office at 1:20PM.

    There , the clerk rejected my application on a pecular point. The officer who had attested my documents did not had his name on the stamp. The attestation stamp had the designation of the attestation officer and she has signed on that stamp. The clerk thre on the desk started giving all sorts of nonsense and flatly told me to get this “rectified” and come again.

    Not contend by his arguments, i decided to visit the SDM in person. There was a short queue outside his office and the gatekeeper there was acting SDM’s PA . He demanded to know my purpose of visit and tried to shoo me away by giving some random solutions to my problem(ap 2 number counter wale Sharma ji se milo). A little 30 sec explanation in english helped him to understand that i was not an innocent villager.

    Finally got an audience with the SDM. He was really helpful. He listened to my case properly and then called that clerk and told him not to give random reasons for not doing the work. Then he asked to me to go and submit my application to him.

    I went there and submited my application, but this act of mine had infuriated the clerk. He avenged himself by giving me a date in December.

    I was literally tired of all the “bak baks” of a sarkari office, so took the date(also, i do not have any sense of urgency). But that fellow did not give any receipt/acknowledgment of my applicaon. Lets see if i will get my certificate in December

    From all i experienced there, for things like Marriage certificates, the officers (SDM level/IAS) are really helpful and are actually willing to help you. It is this clerk/ bade baboos who are good for nothing. These guys come to office with a solo objective- How to make people run pillars to posts.

    Countries may be counting Terrorism as number 1 enemy, but for common man like us, the biggest curroption hub is Municipal offices.

    • Abhinav,

      I had heard of saket online applications issue earlier and added that in the post as well.
      Will “bold” it this time.
      Thanks for your inputs and sorry to hear about the experience.
      I agree its a bad experience for you but the inputs you shared will help others for sure.
      All the best for your application. 🙂

  47. Hi All,

    The online appointment does not work for any south delhi registrar office, i had an appointment today and faced a similar issue.

    The clerk willmake all excuses for not accpeting your application.

    The affidavit needs to be on estampaper. Old stmap papers will not do.
    The Witness (only 1 required) needs to have PAN card and adhaar card only. No paasport or voter id accpeted or required.
    The attested documents should have the full name and details of the attesting officer.
    Noida attestation would not do for delhi. assuming central govt employyes can be of any state.

    Waste of time. Ineed to get them re-attested again before my next scheduled visist.

    India will always be way behind till we do not know how to use technology.

    Also a personal suggestion – If tehre is no hurry for your marrige certificate wait for the elections as the offices are oevr crowded and everyone is very busy doing nothing, just making voter ids and adhaar cards for their vote banks.

    • Digvijay,

      Thanks for your inputs and sad to hear about the experience. Even I had to visit thrice before I finally got my marriage certificate. And then decided to write a post to share the word.
      I will add your inputs to the post.

  48. Sir/Madam,

    I want to know about marriage registration in delhi. I and my wife were belong to haryana at the time of marriage 2003 but now we are living in delhi with own home since that time. do we register our marriage in delhi SDM

    Please reply as soon as possible.

    Hari Goel

    • Hi,
      If you have all the documents as per the post, then you can apply in any SDM office as per your residence.
      All the best.

  49. Hi There,

    I have just applied for the marriage registration through online and somehow I got the date in 1st click. But form took my marriage date in MM/DD/YYYY format instead of DD/MM/YYYY. Can anybody help me in this??

    Also, my wife is not having Aadhar card. Will it going to add trouble?
    Got the appointment at Kapashera office, can any body share his/her past experience


    • Sandeep,

      1. I am not sure of the date issue. May be you can try again or manually correct in the printed form itself.
      2. As per our experience, Aadhar is mandatory as mentioned in the post.

      All the best. 🙂

  50. Hi,
    Can you please help me with the following questions:
    1. Does anyone know how to find whether the respective SDM office accepts online registrations or not? I am looking to apply online at DC office complex on main Mehrauli Badarpur Road and near Anupam Appt.
    2. The affidavit template given above in the post is the one we have to carry to Notary to get certified? Or is it like we give them this document filled in and they create a Notarized affidavit for both of us?
    3. I believe for the witness identification certificate only one copy should suffice, we need not have to carry 2 copies (one for each). Can you please clarify?
    4. If we submit passport copy as the proof of residence or ID proof (as a part of list of documents) should that be fine? Or Voters ID card is necessary. I have my name enrolled in Voters List but do not have the physical copy of the card with me. I believe passport is the master document for all government processes! 🙂
    5. I saw in some of the posts above that marriage certificate is given right away, has anyone been lucky with that and have experienced it personally?

    Thanks for all your support and continually manintaining this blog with all latest updates!

    • Reema,
      1. No clue on the details regarding which office accepts online appointment. The best option is to visit them with completed file and confirm. If they do not accept online requests, submit your file for manual appointment.
      2. Just give your details to notary and they will prepare the affidavit. They have the format and this task is completed in very less time.
      3. You need only one witness and a copy of all documents. No harm in carrying extra; just in case if it’s asked.
      4. In my case, I did submit the voter card but passport should suffice,logically. Carry the acknowledgement of voter card as an extra proof.
      5 I got my marriage certificate on that day and without any bribe.

      Thanks for your comments and all the best..:-)

    • Hey Reema,

      MB Road Saket SDM Office doesn’t consider online applications. I visited once there with online appointment and they didn’t consider that. So I tried to submit my documents manually.

      They asked me to produce PAN cards as well. I didn’t carry them that day. So couldn’t get appontment. Do let me know if u get success in submitting your documents.

      Good luck,
      Shilpi Karan Anand

      • Shilpi,

        Thanks for the inputs.
        Reema, just a suggestion which i mention in all posts.
        Whenever visiting govt. office for some work, carry all documents that you have. It will help in need. All the best. 🙂

      • Hi Shilpi,

        Thanks for sharing your experience! I believe to apply to any SDM office, your address must fall in that district (either one of ours), I am based out of south Delhi so that is the only option I have! Shilpi how long does it take to get the certificate if you submit the application manually? Do we have to go again in person to collect the certificate or is it given the same day?

        And is it mandatory to carry the voter ID card? Do they accept the passport as one of the documents for identity/nationality (God knows what do they check with Voter ID that cannot be checked with any other document)!! Thanks for a heads up, I will carry our PAN cards with us!!

        Any more information would be greatly appreciated!!

        Thanks All!

  51. @ Above/All,

    Even i submitted my documents at the MB Road office. There was no compulsion of PAN Card as such.

    I would once again suggest fellow applicants not to give up easily to those clerks at the desk. Most of the times they come up with imaginary “rules” to haress the applicants. One must insist on the written order which contains the “list of manatory documents”.

    Also, one should feel free to meet the SDM in charge. As per my experience, the officers are generally helpful and always try to get these work done.


  52. Pingback: PAN Card: Documents Needed for Changing Name on PAN Card

  53. My relatives went to enquire about marriage registrations in mid Oct. They said they have closed all registrations till Elections. Have they misled him or is it true?
    Anyone else experienced it?

    • Yes its true. I myself went on 14 Oct 2013 to Rampura (West Delhi zone). Got all the papers done and ready to submit, but they refused to take it and give me any date for the next 3 months. Registrations postponed due to elections. Told me to come after Jan.

    • Yes its true. I myself went to submit application on 14 Oct to Rampura (West Delhi zone). They refused to take application or give any date due to elections. Told me to come after Jan.

      Didn’t spend any further time there to argue or request, so don’t know if they will take in applications on request/special case basis.

  54. Hi Karthik,

    That is correct! They are reluctant to process any applications due to elections!

    Having said that, elections work should not stop them to work on registration applications but they will try and throw all possible tantrums on you for not getting the work done!

    I had been to MB road Saket office today and they gave me a date of Jan 2014! We insisted a bit saying that we live abroad and is not possible for us to be present in Delhi at the same time. SDM was little considerate as I had a gazetted officer as one of my witness and he knew some of the people there!!

    SDM asked us to meet the head clerk and check on his availability. He has asked us to appear again on Friday (1 Nov) to check if SDM would be available!

    The whole process at this location sucks! Even though we have all documents in place they just do not want to work!! It merely would take 5 minutes of their time to print the certificate and get it signed, but they just don’t want to do their work!!

    And they hate when we say online processes! They say if you can get your work done online then why did you appear here?? Its baseless to argue with them and make them realize it is their job!!

    I am just hoping we get our certificate on 1st !!

    I will keep all updated!

  55. Hi,

    I have a quick question about marriage registration. My fiance is from Delhi and I am from Jalandhar so can we get married in Haryana? None of us will have a haryana domicile. Please let me know.


      • Hi,

        Sorry if I was not able to write my question clearly :). My question is that my fiance and I are not from Delhi but can we still register our marriage there. Please let me know.

        FYI: This marriage registration will happen before the traditional hindu marriage.


        • Raghav,
          Till the time you can satisfy all documents requirement, I think it should be good.
          You can visit the sdm office for your area and gather more details.
          I am not completely sure of the scenario you mentioned.

  56. Hi,

    Do I and my spouse need to have the address proof of Delhi to register our marriage in Delhi, as we both are not from Delhi, but all the relevant documents of West Bengal??
    Do they accept mobile bill, landline bill (Airtel), CC bill, or Bank’s Pass book as the present address proof??
    And will PAN card be accepted as the ID proof instead of Voter ID??

    • Rishi,
      Following is what i can share as per my understanding:

      If you are getting your marriage registered in delhi; then you will go to the SDM office as per your residence.
      On visit, you need all the proofs pertaining to the residence in delhi.
      Hence, all address proofs need to be for delhi residence.
      For document list, these are mentioned in the post for both ID & Address proof category.
      All the best. 🙂

    • Deepti,

      I am not aware of this.
      You can check the website for more details.
      I think they have the office address populated automatically once you are applying online.
      All the best. 🙂

  57. Hi,
    A quick query
    I have taken the appointment 3 months back. But due to certain reason i was unable to visit the SDM office on that day. Now I am again trying to get the appointment, but its syaing that you already had taken an appointment.
    What to do in this case? How to take the appointment again?

    • Nitish,

      I think someone faced this problem and you might find the solution in the comments of the post.
      Try altering the fields by a new spaces in the online form.
      Hope it works.
      All the best. 🙂

  58. Hi,

    I have heard that we can take the appointment from any of the 2 SDM offices:
    1. The place where we are presently living
    2. The place where the marriage has been solemnised.

    Is this correct?

  59. Allzhere, Thanks for publishing the instructions.

    I got my marriage registered on the same day at rampura office, just had to be patient for 4-5 hrs with the sarkaari babus/procedure.

    • Hi Saurav,
      Do you have any idea that can we get appointment prior to marriage?
      I need to get certificate right on next day of marriage to apply for dependant visa.
      My district is Rampura too.
      Pls let me know in case you know anything related to this,


      • Hridesh,

        You can try taking the appointment online.
        I don’t think it checks whether the couple is married or not.
        It just needs the details.
        Try it and post your feedback.
        All the best. 🙂
        Note: We have not posted your other 2 comments as they were duplicate to this one.

        • Thanks but I would be able to go for appointment only 4 days rior as I can’t see dates now..

          Can you let me know if I need to place appointment for 29th jan what would be the best date and time on which I will be able to view those dates in appointment window?
          One mpre query, can I go to SDM office and request for appointment prior to my marriage? What are their requirements for getting appointment?
          Can anyone go on my behalf and atleast request an appointment as I m not in india ?

          • Hridesh,

            1. Regarding the dates you are able to see online; not sure if they changed the system. I will suggest you keep checking regularly.
            2. Manual Appointment :
            There is a process in which you submit your application with all documents at the SDM office. They will assign a date to you. Application process is mentioned in the post. I am not sure if anyone else can submit application on your behalf. But you can try. My call is that it should not be a problem.

            All the best. 🙂
            Please share your feedback. It will help others.

    • Pankaj,
      If all documents are as per the requirements, you can get your marriage certificate same day within 4-5 hours.
      Fee is around Rs.100.




    • Ashok,

      We do not support any other source of communication/contact.
      You can type(comment) here itself.
      We’ll respond to your query.

  61. Hi There,
    Great Site. Crisp Details.

    Few Important Questions (may be added to the post if found logical).
    1) Is there a substitute to 10th Certificate. I.e. if we have PAN card or NTT (National Teacher Training) certificate for DOB.
    2) Are Witness Proof’s required to be Attested as well.
    3) Are name as per Affidavit considered final (in case of discrepancy like name is ‘AAshoo’ in the 10th proof and all others documents mentioning all requisite details (Every Other detail ties back) have just ‘Ashoo’) or another Affidavit required for clarification of name.
    4) Affidavits created outside Delhi e.g. Amritsar will work or not (applying for Rampura, Delhi).
    5) Lastly, Are E-Stamp papers mandatory or does old stamp papers still work.
    Appreciate a serial wise prompt response.
    Thanks a ton.

    • Ashoo,

      1) Is there a substitute to 10th Certificate. I.e. if we have PAN card or NTT (National Teacher Training) certificate for DOB.
      — I had submitted 10th certificate. I am not sure about other options as most govt. offices as for 10th certificate as DOB.
      2) Are Witness Proof’s required to be Attested as well.
      — At the time i applied, it was supposed to be self attested.
      3) Are name as per Affidavit considered final (in case of discrepancy like name is ‘AAshoo’ in the 10th proof and all others documents mentioning all requisite details (Every Other detail ties back) have just ‘Ashoo’) or another Affidavit required for clarification of name.
      — Not sure about this one.
      4) Affidavits created outside Delhi e.g. Amritsar will work or not (applying for Rampura, Delhi).
      — I got it made from delhi itself so not aware about your case. Would suggest you the same to avoid hassle.
      5) Lastly, Are E-Stamp papers mandatory or does old stamp papers still work.
      — This is again a specific case; buy a e-stamp paper (if required) to be safe.
      Will suggest to be prepared with more than required documents to avoid another visit for same work.
      All the best. 🙂

      • Thanks for the prompt response.

        Taken the appointment at 12 midnight (please put in the post that it is the only way to take online appointment) last week and Got the certificate today on 17 Jan 2014.

        Here goes. My first point is that Rampura Delhi wants the witness to be a blood relative (Please add in your post). They do consider others but would really favour the blood relatives.

        Second All proofs as confirmed by the Rampura, Delhi office should now be self attested and not gazetted officer attested. This also includes the witness’ documents.

        Thirdly If Marriage Invitation Card is not there then Children’s DOB proof ( Birth Certificate) is equally Valid.

        These are the only 3 information which are not matching (and can be added/amended in your post) as per the office’s current requirements as at 17 Jan 2014.

        All the other things provided by you are exceptionally Valid.

        Obviously do carry extra 2-4 document proofs like i took Voter, PAN, Driving Licence, Passport, Tenth Certificate, Aadhar, Electricity Bill (in Father’s name – Valid), Water Bill ((in Father’s name – Valid) among others. Please Do mention this as well in post – MTNL, IGL, BSES, Water bill can be in name of your family members (parents, Brother/Sister).

        Thanks. You also helped me a lot.


  62. First of all i must acknowledge Allzhere for their wonderful attempt to explain the process which was not clear from govt web-sites.

    I would like to get my marriage registration from SDM Kalkaji. I just need to know the sequence of steps. Correct me if i am wrong in my sequence

    1. Application form duly filled by both husband and wife

    2. Then we have to visit concerned SDM office to deposit 100 Rs fees, Payment receipt need to be appended with Application form already filled.

    3. Then we have to search for an online appointment (if that SDM office supports online procedure)

    4. On the date of appointment we have to bring all supporting documents attested by gazetted officer.

    5. Magistrate will cross-check and issue Marriage certificate.

    My query is whether the above sequence is correct?
    Or we have to produce all the documents on the very first day?

    • HDG,

      The process is mentioned in the post.
      However, it may vary depending on the SDM office.
      Manual Appointment : Visit office with application and take appointment.
      Online : Take appointment and reach office with application.

      You can visit the office someday before taking your application and inquire there.
      This way you can be confident of your application process as well. All the best. 🙂

  63. Does gezzeted officer presense in required on the marriage registeration day ?? I have read on that gazzeted officer who has attended the marriage should be present in front of register along with identity card and stamp ….please advise

  64. Dear,
    I want to know water bill copy is enough, as mentioned above in the document list. do they ask for original bill also, because i have a water bill copy which is downloaded from internet on delhi jal board site. Is this a valid proof. Is it sufficient for them to get registered.

    • Manish,
      When I had applied, they did not ask for original.
      However,it is always good to carry.
      I will suggest you to carry any other utility bills with originals as well.
      All the best.:-)

  65. Thank you Allzhere for the notes. It is certainly helpful. I have taken an appointment for the 12th of February, 2014 @ SDM (Rampura). I am in the process of getting all the required documents for the registration. Though, I have few questions which I have listed below.

    I have been living at my present as a tenant since Sept last year but do have address proof as Voter ID and HP Gas connection Bill. Will it be fine to show my Voter ID as an address proof as it has not been much time at the present address?

    As I am living in a rented Appartment, all the utility bills as Electricity, Water, PNG, etc. are in the name of the owner. Would my HP Gas connection Bill be accepted as an Utility Bill? I can either show the gas connection bill or my credit card statement. Kindly suggest.

    My wife does not have an address proof of Delhi. However, she has an address proof of Lucknow (Driving License, AADHAR CARD). Will that work for her?

    I shall look forward to a reply.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Indranil,

      1. The address proof should be fine.
      2. Utility bill should be good as well. However, i will also suggest to carry other bills copy even though they are in name of landlord.
      3. You can also carry your mobile phone bills(if applicable). I saw an application with these documents when i visited.
      4. Regarding, wife’s address proof. Should not be an issue but you can try.
      5. just carry all documents to be safe. Give them whatever document they need to get your application processed.

      You can refer to other links for government processes.
      All the best. Please share your feedback. It will help others.

  66. Thank you for the valuable inputs. I will post my experience for other readers.

    I have a question. As my wife is a resident of Lucknow, she has all her documentary evidences for Lucknow viz., Driving License, Aadhar Card, Bank Statement/ Pass Book. She started living with me since December (after our marriage). So is it necessary for a wife to have an address proof of Delhi? Probably you could share your insights on this.

    Also, is it necessary to have parents of both sides during the registration?

    Lastly, can my dad be a witness? Kindly confirm this with a Yes/ No.

    Thanks a lot…

  67. Hi There,

    Thanks for updating my comments in your post. Should certinaly help others.

    Just was able to check these today.. One addendum which you need to make..

    By mistake, hopefully 🙂 you have added this remark in your post-

    6.X class passing certificate (DOB proof) of both (Copy). If its not available, then child’s DOB proof is valid(Ref : Comments Section).

    Should have been the following –

    If Marriage Invitation Card is not there then Children’s DOB proof ( Birth Certificate) is equally Valid (as per Rampura Office).

    Please have the neccessary changes else people may be inaccurately fooled.


  68. Hi All,

    Thanks for sharing all the useful information.
    I have a question regarding the same.
    Currently I am living outside India and getting married in April, 2014. So for Visa processing of my wife, I will require the marriage certificate.
    As I will not have much time in india after my marriage , So can I apply online for the marriage registration in advance and can try to get the date immediately ( may be one week ) after marriage?
    Will it be a good option to go to registration office before marriage to get the date in personal or we can rely with online service?
    As I will have this time constraint, so It would be a great help if someone can suggest me the best option to get the marriage certificate as soon as possible in my case.

    Thanks in advance

    • Divyank,

      Try the online appointment as it saves manual form filling.
      In case you are unable to get the online appointment; try manual one.
      For manual appointment, i think we need to request a month in advance. Not sure though.
      All the best. 🙂

    • Hi Divyank ,

      I am also under a similar problem. My marriage date is 19th april and need this formality done in 2 weeks. Which SDM office are you planning to visit?

      • Hi Anshul,

        I am planing to visit Saket office. Although I will try to do it without any agent but may be because of this time constraint, need to think about this option as well 🙁 ..

  69. I am in a big dilemma. I went to the SDM court today (Rampura) to submit an application and take a date for the registration. I was first told that only online applications were being accepted (in wake of elections) and then, to make matters worse, I was told that at the bride’s address or jurisdiction, the marriage certificate needs to be registered within 6 months of marriage. I got married in November 2011 and so they said it was not possible. Upon some request, someone has given me a mobile number to call up on the 4th March to find out if a slot would be available on the 5th. My husband lives abroad and is coming to Delhi for a short visit and we only have 5th March as a free working day to get done. I am expecting I would have to pay something under the table to this person to get my work done. Any guidance on what I can do and especially if that six monthly rule is valid?

    • Priyanka,

      Not aware of the 6 month rule and doubt anything like that exists. Not sure though.
      You can try to escalate it to the senior officer there.
      Some people posted in comments that the entry level staff tries to woo away applicants.
      Suggest you to read the comments for this post.
      All the best. 🙂

  70. As per recent supreme court order dated 23rd Set, 2013 , aadhar card is not mandatory and no benefit can be denied in absence of aadhar card.
    Can you please confirm that whether aadhar is still mandatory for merriage registration.

    • Bhupendra,

      I am not sure of the recent changes.
      May be you can try to visit the office once and inquire before applying.
      All the best. Please share your feedback. It will help others.

  71. I got my Marriage Certificate done in 100 Rs plus Rs 70 x 2 for Affidavits at Rampura office. Aadhaar Card/Aadhaar application receipt is Mandatory for all 3. They did not take the Utility bill from us. It took a total of 3.5 hours to get the certificate. Must try to reach by 10 AM. Its better to go by Metro I think as for my Witness, Rickshaw took 30 Rupees from Ashok Park Main Metro station. By car, I had a tough time. Even if one of the partner is from other religion, if you insist he/she is hindu, there are chances that they will accept it. As they did for me despite of an obvious different religion name.

  72. I am not able to get the address of SDM where I can get Marriage certificate done. I have tried searching online alot. Government website is blank. I live in the area: Roshanara Road, Delhi – 110007. Anyone who can help.

    • Rupinder,

      You can inquire in the neighborhood from someone who got this.
      Also, the voter card office near your residence might be able to help. Not sure about this though.
      All the best. 🙂

  73. I went to Rampura court today morning and was very disappointed, because they are giving dates online but not accepting the application and documents for marriage registration till 20th April 2014.. And the reason they are giving is “we quite busy with upcoming election work” … come on you fools , everyone is busy these days.. Even after argument with some officials, they straight forwardly said we cannot process your application.. again try to take appointment after 20th April… that means another 30 days ?? why ??

    Now the point here is

    – Why they are not accepting applications because of election things?? without even considering urgent cases.. there may be n number of people who already had hard time in getting the online dates.. and are in need of marriage certificate urgently.

    – Are they not having their lunch because of these election things??

    – No online information is given on the govt site for all this shit..

    Guys is there any other way i can get my certificate done, these morons have already ruined my office leave today.. I was clearly told by one of the official to visit head office [ situated in ITO ] Any idea???

    Also, one of the tout said he can get the things done for 3-4k [ just outside the office]

    please suggest…

    • Vibhor,

      Sad to hear about the issue you faced at the SDM office.
      Same case was pointed out by someone else during elections/pre-elections last year (2013).

      As far as i understand, you will have to register at the SDM as per your residence area.
      So, unfortunately, you will have to visit rampura office only.

      All the best. 🙂

  74. Do I need to fill in my wife’s details in the online application as well. If yes, then do I need to mention her name after marriage and the present and permanent address of my wife has to be my present address, as the online application is instructing the same while filling the form so can you confirm. Also, do I need to mention the exact venue (or name of the venue) in place of marriage of just the city name would do.

    • As far as i remember, the name after marriage has to be filled.
      Other details like address proof should be filled as per the supporting document.
      I had mentioned only basic venue detail along with city.
      All the best. 🙂

  75. Hi, I live in Saket & I gave 14500 rupees to get Marriage certificate from SDM for same day. There is no other option as if its done officially then atleast 30-45 days are needed & i couldnt wait that much.

    • VK,
      there are a lot of people who got marriage certificate within one day.
      Certainly don’t agree with 30 – 45 days update..
      Probably , you were a victim of election time…

  76. Hi,

    First of all, thanks for the valuable information that you have provided in your article!

    I have taken the date online for 16th April, but somehow I missed printing the Application form. Can you help me with this? Do i need to take another appointment or can I manually fill in the Application form and submit on 16th?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Shivani,

      Thanks for your comment and kind words.
      Not sure about this but if the system gives you an option re-print application with existing acknowledgement ID; then go for it.
      Else, take a new appointment to be on a safer side.
      All the best. 🙂

      • I am not getting the option of reprinting the application form. So, I guess I will need to take another appointment!

        Thanks anyways.. And keep up the good work!

  77. Thank for this valuable information, I have a question. How do you register a marriage in India if Husband is foreign national and does not have Aadhar Card or Voter ID card. Can someone help. I am British national and my wife Indian. Need to have marriage registered so I can have my wife get a visa.

    • Rajiv,

      1. You may be able to apply for Aadhar at the marriage registration centre. There are some centres that support this facility.
      2. Votercard should be applied. You can ask someone to apply on your behalf. However, you will have to present at the time of collection.

      • thanks for your quick response, but are how can a British citizen get Indian voter id card? Are their separate rules or process to register marriages btw Indian & Foreign citizens.

        If you have any idea it will be great help.

        thanks in advance

  78. hi
    how this possible after aplying for ragistration than shuld order from the court for varifacation report in hindu marriage act bothe of partys address and both party are majer plz help

  79. [30/April/2014] :- I had applied online for marriage certificate at SDM at MB road Saket. I reached there with all the documents as stated in the posts above. They do not consider online applications and took my documents and gave me a date in mid July. That is 2.5 months later. I am in no hurry and do not want to bribe, so I accepted the date. They were not able to find any issue in my documents. The only concern I have, they took Form along with required copies without giving any receipt. So I hope they do not loose them till mid July.
    Whosoever are applying manually, did you got any receipt for your submitted documents?

    • Hey Vipul,

      Even the same thing happened to me and they didnt even collect my documents stating I need to show PAN card as well which I didnt carry. And its been an year now and i didnt get a chance to visit SDM office again.

      Anyways, would ask you for a little help on below questions:-

      1.How many Witnesses are required?
      2.Can we take my or my husband’s parents as witnesses?
      3.Is the Identification form required to be filled by all witnesses or just one or is it supposed to be filled by a gazetted officer?

      Thanks in advance and good luck for ur marriage certificate.
      Shilpi Karan Anand

      • Shilpi,

        Following are my inputs :

        1. 1 witness is required.
        2. From my experience; anyone other blood relation can stand as witness.
        3. Form has to be filled by the witness; not necessarily a gazetted officer.

        • Hi Shilpi

          I asked same questions to the officer there and got below reply,

          1. One witness is required.
          2. The officer said that witness can be in blood relation. I asked specifically about my parents & in-laws, he got irritated and said yes they can be witness. But I still doubt because of my relative’s experience. So, I will take no chance and take my friend as witness. The witness must carry copies & original docs – Aadhar card, pan card, address proof(passport or anything), voter id.
          3. Form has to be filled by the witness; not necessarily a gazetted officer.

          Good luck!!

    • Hi All
      I applied in saket sdm office 3 months ago manually as they don’t accept online applications. I got appointment after 2 months. I went there but came to know that it has shifted to amar colony behind LSR, I went there taking my relative as witness, my documents were complete so it took not so much time. Just waited for SDM to come back to office at around 1pm, once he called us in his office, without any delay and couple of questions we got our marriage certificate. SDM is a good guy and does not harrase until some docs are missing. In total it took Rs.200 fees and Rs.200 for 2 affidavites. If you are in no hurry then whole process it not so harrasing as other Govt offices are. All together atleast for us the experience was nice.

  80. I would like to inform everybody about my experience of getting my marriage registered.

    To give you a background, I was married 2 years ago in Delhi. I am from West Delhi and my husband is from Gurgaon. We could not get any online procedure for marriage registration in Gurgaon, so thought Delhi would be a better option as I am from Delhi and our marriage also took place in Delhi.

    I got a date to visit Rampura – 25th April. I went there will all the docs that were required. Thanks to allzhere, my documents were perfect! First screening of the docs got cleared and the file moved to the second official. Now here was the catch! The official told me that the docs are complete but still my marriage cannot be registered in Delhi. According to him, until 6 months of marriage, it can be registered in the Wife’s jurisdiction, but after that marriage has to be registered in Husband’s jurisdiction, which in my case is Gurgaon.

    But I know many of my friends and relatives who got their Marriage Certificate even after 5 years of marriage, with same case as mine. Nothing like this is mentioned anywhere online. So, please take care of this when you visit Rampura. I was really disappointed that day! Now, I need to start afresh with documents for Gurgaon office. Pathetic!

    I hope some day, the government do something for the ease of its citizens!

    • Shivani,

      Thanks for your inputs.
      I will add those to the post.
      All the best for the Gurgaon post.
      As we are not aware of the gurgaon process; you can share your experience at and we can publish that post on the site.
      Again, all the best. 🙂

    • Try filling and submitting the form after 12 at night on either Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday. This should help!


  81. Hi,

    I am Bhawna Singh.

    I got married on 24/12/2012 in Sonipat. My husband belongs to Sonipat only & has all the valid proofs belongs to his residence in Sonipat.

    Due to some reasons we were unable to get our marriage registered on time & now if we have to, then we have to go to Chandigarh.

    I got to know that if either of party belongs to Delhi, then registration can be applied in Delhi, but the place of marriage has to be Delhi only. Could you please help me with the complete information & the process, people to be present there etc.

    I do have all the certificates belonging to my Rohini address.

    Bhawna Singh.

    • Hi Bhawna,

      I’ll suggest the following:

      1. Take out some time and visit the nearest SDM office as per your criteria; and inquire.
      2. Per my understanding; there should not be any problem if you have all valid documents. However, i am not sure as you got married in sonipat and trying to register it in delhi.

      Surely, pointer no.1 will be helpful.

      All the best. 🙂

  82. hi

    while filling online form, i have enetered my wife’s old surname . is it correct or not ?

    i want my surname with her name in marriage certificate…..

    in affidavit i have written my suranme with her name….


  83. Hi Allzhere,

    I have a question. I had taken an appointment in February but could not go due to some unavoidable circumstances. I have decided to go for the Registration in June. I have listed the questions below. Could you please get back to me on this?

    Our marriage was solemnised in Lucknow but we have Voter ID for our present address in West Delhi. Will we be able to get a Marriage Certificate in Delhi/ registered in Delhi?
    As per the directive from Revenue Dept. in Delhi, now all marriages need to be registered within 60 days. If not done, we need to pay a penalty of Rs 1000. Whom do we pay this amount?
    Do we need to attest all the documents by a gazetted officer or a notary will do?

    I shall look forward to hear from you.

    Thanking you in advance.

    • 1. If you have relevant documents, should be good.

      2. Not sure of the fine as it was not applicable in my case.

      3. As mentioned in the post, documents need to be attested by gazetted officer.

  84. HI,

    my wife and i both belong to delhi and got married in delhi only, i live in vasant kunj and sdm office is in vasant vihar, wanted to check on few things

    1. what court would we have to go to for the registration (unsure but heard Kapashera)
    2. i do not have a voter id or a ration card but have a valid passport and aadhar card
    3. my wife doesn’t have an aadhar card but has a valid passport and a voter id
    4. as it mentions on the website that we need to be accompanied by a gazetted officer who attended the wedding, is it possible to take a couple (family friends) along who has attended our wedding and we have attended theirs and can be witness for each others registration?

    appreciate your comments in anticipation. Thanks

    • Varun,

      Details for all questions are mentioned in the post.
      Request you to please read it. It should help.

  85. Hi all

    I took some useful tips from this website and went for my registration on 30th May. My SDM area was Rajouri Garden so had to go to Rampura SDM Office so all my understanding and information that I will share is only from Rampura SDM office perspective and other SDM offices can have 20-30% deviation.

    I am hereby sharing my experience and views.

    1. Took an online appointment, tried for it at midnight and was successful in 1st try.
    2. Application form was generated as per the information entered at time of making the appointment.

    3. Reached the office on appointment day on 10 am , there was a huge queue outside the door where you have to submit the documents. Everybody was waiting even after 10:15 and nobody called them from inside…though there were officials inside laughing and chatting and basically waiting to start their days work. So without caring about queue, I barged in and asked about my appointment for Marriage Registration and one of the guys asked me for my papers and submitted them. So basically you have to make them start their day by not waiting outside their door but by asking them questions when clock strikes 10.

    4. Despite the queue my documents got submitted before everyone but this is no point to be happy about.

    5. The person there was pissed off due to the rush and was shouting in general and at nobody in particular. He wanted to attract attention and wanted everybody to consider him important.

    6. Documents were checked by a lady who pointed out few things to be rectified.

    7. After that the photograph was taken and we were sent to the SDM who chatted with us and asked few cross questions and was happy to sign off our marriage certificate.

    Few points:
    • Make sure you have all the supporting documents and arranged in the order listed on the SDM premises.

    • They were also taking some Manual (offline) appointments but I think that was Tatkal or through agents who took bribes.

    • A person took help of a tout, who asked him to pay 5500 INR to speed up his process and give him his certificate asap. This person got the certificate 10 mins before me. So don’t take help of touts as they just follow the same procedure as everybody else , also because the procedure is so streamlined nowadays that even if you get your certificate by 2 o clock …you think it’s because of touts influence but it’s not.

    • Make sure your address is same on all documents and should corroborate with the affidavits, I had mistakes like GF, nearby landmark mentioned in affidavit but not in passport /other docs….so It was crossed on the affidavit and I had to put my signature n date to confirm that I know of this correction. This was done at 9 places on 3 affidavits that we gave. No need to get new affidavits made.

    • The affidavit of wife should include both her present(Husbands) and Permanent(Fathers) address.

    • Adhaar card was told as mandatory but some persons cited a supreme court ruling and their cases were considered even without Adhar card. But I recommend to have it with you.

    • If you have a foreign language document with you, make sure you have its translation as well and certified by the same body.

    • Females can get their name changed to anything as per their wish (Keep/delete fathers/ husbands surname) even if it is not in the affidavit, till the time before details are entered into the PC .
    • Act as if you know the process and make sure you know the process.

    • Witness can be blood relative Father/mother/brother.

    • All documents self attested. No need of gazette officer.

    • All signatures along with date.

    • Utility bills of any kind not required.

    • We registered our marriage after 4 yrs…. got married in 2010. No issues faced.

    8. All in all I got my certificate by 1 PM. I was more than happy and satisfied with the process.

    • Mr Singh,

      Thanks for the inputs. We will add it to the post.
      Congratulations on getting the certificate without bribe.
      Awesome. 🙂

    • Dear Mr Singh,

      Thank you for the valuable comments and congratulations on getting the certificate. As you got your marriage registered after 4 years, did you pay any fine?

      I shall await your reply.

      Thank you

      • Hi Indranil

        There is a ruling which came out in may 2014 afaik, regarding delay in registration of marriages where you have to pay fine….I believe it will be applicable only on marriages held after that date(May 2014).

        No I didn’t pay any fine for late registration. Thats quite an important learning from the whole proces

    • Dear Mr Singh/ Allzhere,

      Sorry to bother you again. I have got my online appointment and am getting all my documents in place for the D day. As my SDM would be Rampura as well, I think I have all the documents to get my marriage registered. However, in your post above you did mention that you had 3 affidavits. I have knowledge only of 2 (Husband & Wife), which is the 3rd one? Is it that the Witness form has to be on a stamp paper as well?

      Thanking you in advance.


      • Hi Indranil

        The third affidavit is needed if your wife needs a changed name (eg: 1stName 2ndName HusbandSurname) on the marriage certificate. If you want this, then the affidavit needs a joint photograph of the couple as well.


    • Mr Singh,

      I have got the appointment for registration on 18th.I just wanted to confirm two things. Would be grateful if you could clarify

      1) Is signature required from Gazetted officer on any document? (voter id/ DOB proof/ Aadhar card/ witness certificate/photos??). If so, please specify.

      2) What is the order in which the photos have to be pasted on plain paper? We know that four photos and one postcard size marraige photo is required. Should all photos be pasted on a single plain sheet or passport size photos and postcard photo on seperate sheets?

      • Hi Krithika

        Replying to your queries:
        1. No, you don’t need gazetted officers sign on any paper.
        2. Order of photograph is already on the site, but they are not very particular about it, so on single sheet try 4 photos of husband,4 of wife – below which you can easily paste a 4×7 postcard size.

  86. hiii sir i get the appointment for registartion of my marriage by online on 25/6/2014 at rampura sdm office the address stated on the recipt and time is 10 am-12 pm.i am a proper resident of delhi i got married on 20/4/2014 and my wife is also from delhi i have adhar card ,voter card,pan card,passport of the same address but my wife has adhar card and voter i card but both are from same address but from same area village i put the my voter i card information and my wife information but i write the address of adhar card in my wife case and the voter icard number which i give is from address so what i can do if there is any issue when the sdm see the diffrent address on various id or i show only adhar card to him and 10th pass cartificate of my wife .my case is in hindu marriage act…

    and also give me a detail what i have to prepare for the day i dont know much about these things i see there are some type of affidavit and witness are written pls pls tell me step by step whtat i have to do or prepare to not get rejected by officer..pls pls help me my email address is

    • Mohit,

      The entire process is listed in the post.
      Request you to please read and prepare your file accordingly.
      All the best. 🙂

  87. Got my marriage registered today. A sigh of relief 
    Thank you to Allzhere and to all the participants who helped me in getting the documents in order. My SDM was Old Middle School Building, Rampura. I had an appointment for June 16, 2014 (got the appointment at midnight). Reported by 9AM with all the documents. The gates opened at arnd 9:45. We waited till 10:15 for showing our documents. There were different counters for different localities, ours was no. four, which is operable for tilak nagar, vikaspuri etc. Luckily the guy we dealt with was extremely cordial, and expedited the document check. Very thorough indeed! Since everything was in order, including the witness’ documents it was smooth sailing all the way. All the signing, the self attestation, took about 20 to 25 minutes. We were asked to wait outside after a joint snap was taken of me and my wife. The worst part was waiting close to an hour in the sweltering heat for the SDM to call us. When he finally did, it took less than 2 mins for him to ask us a few basic questions abt the wedding, our addresses and we were done! Legally bound! Feel free to ask any questions if you need help!
    Few pointers to be noted:
    • Get all documents in order as per the instructions posted by Allzhere (snapshot), if you are visiting SDM Rampura.
    • All the documents should be self- attested i.e. signed along with date of your appointment.
    • Just 2 affidavits are fine. One should be husband’s and the other one wife’s. The wife’s affidavit should reflect her changed name (if desired). The person would ask you about the name change before entering it into the computer. Once he has entered all the details, he would give you a printout of the details for you to verify. Kindly go through the details carefully; once printed it may be quite a hassle to get it rectified.
    • Just 2 sets of photos of husband and wife are required. All the photos (4 in total) and the marriage photo (POSTCARD) should be pasted in a A4 sheet. All the photos need to be cross attested by the witness along with the PAN # and date under each photo. The photos need to be self- attested with date. However, you would require a total of 5 photos each.
    • Our marriage was solemnized in Lucknow but if you have all documents listed here, you can get your marriage registered in Delhi.
    • As rightly mentioned by Allzhere, get as many documents you have (to be on a safer side).

    Thank you Allzhere 🙂

    • HI Indranil D,
      Can you tell me, how much is the fees, where the fees will be deposited and at what moment(i mean before verification/submission of documents). I have already visited Rampura office so i knw the locations..

  88. today i registered my marriage in the sdm office nangloi what i have to tell there is soo many ups and downs but the work is done thank god at one stage i think that this is not going to happen today.
    first of all i want to tell u guys some important things i take the appointment online in night 12 am exact and got it in one attempt before this i am trying this but it always show date full date full all dates.thanks to u guys.but the online system give me a date 25/o6/2014 at sdm office rampura old building school .i reach there two days before and trying to some inquiry then there officer told me you have to go to nagloi i say i have a slip of rampura they said it is not updated at online system.soo if u get online appointment soo reach there 2 3 days before and ask if there marriage is regitered there or other sdm office dont trust online system.okk i have to share u some tips for sdm nangloi…
    1-no need to attest your certificate or any other thing by guzztted officer they are only taking the sel attested documents.but for emergeny purpose i prepare two set of documents one attested by guzzted officer and one self attested but they only take self attested .
    2- reach there before 9:30 am after that they close the doors today people are shouting from outside but they dont open the doors but i got one chance to give my application aknowledgment to one person who is inside and they shout on me the person name rajjev reader to sdm where are u from the morning i said i was outside but no one is listening or helping. soo reach early to make your word done easily.
    3- one witness needed alon with husband and wife the witness must have pan card,addhar card ,voter id card these all things are compulsory for witness and couple without these nothing is done there.pan card number is used on some photos and documnets by witness who attested the identifiction form download from the top. i used this.
    arrange your documents according to these –
    1-application form duly signed by husband and wife.
    2-aknowledment of online submmision.
    3-format of certificate from witness/identification form download from up side and paste one photo of husband and one photo of wife and fill all information and signed by witness and also photo crosssigned by witness of husband and wife.
    4-photo id proof any voter id card/paspport/licensce of husband.self attested.
    5-date of birth proof 10th pass certificate where date of birth is present of husband.self attested.
    6-aadhar card of husband self attested.
    7-photo id proof any voter id card/paspport/licensce of wife.self attested
    8-date of birth proof 10th pass certificate where date of birth is present of wife self attested.
    9-make two affidavit one of husband and one of wife attested by notary i get these two affidavit from outside in 10 min and they charge 100 rs each in these they filll all your information and attest them no big issue .on rs 10 stampaper you easily get these from outside office where affidavit walas are sitting.soo dont worry.
    10-adhar card of wife self attested.
    11- four passport size photo and one marriage photo where you or your wife both are present and mala pehnate huwe of postcard size .paste all these on one plain paper i paste one marriage photo of mine and below it giving some space i paste one photo of mine with my wife and again one photo on mine with my wife passport size photo means 5 photos on one page giving some space because all are attested by witness and pan card number is also written on photos cross signet by witness this is the important thing so pls do it carefully.
    12-photo id proof of witness voter id card /passport license.self attested by witness.
    13-pan card of witness compulsory self attested by witness.
    14- adhar card of witness self attested.
    arrange these according to these and just reac on time bcs sdm nangloi person are soo rude and not going to help u soo pls .
    after that the person reader to sdm rajeev is a helpful person and he also help me preparing my documents fast according 2 these.
    also take some more passport size photograph and marriage phooto for emergency purpose and witness passport size photo also bcs they ask and paste them and also your photos to paste in register which is signed by u.
    100 rs slip is also cut by there.
    in online form at the place of wife permanent address write the wifes home address on which there residential proof like voter i card/adhar card or any proof is avialable and in present addres husband house addreess.
    marriage invitation card self attested by couple inside and outside.
    sdm just ask normal crooschek question and ask for are u want to change your sir name or not and my wife AND I both are belong to same caste soo no issue of changing surname.
    pls chel thoroughly all your information that type by computer person bcs after that it is not easy to change these information like address name etc.
    or if u want any information on this issue mail me on this i am happy to help u.
    it takes 2 hours in whole process and i got my certificate just reach on time bcs if u lost your date you have to wait another ten days to again get your date.
    they have also a cheklist which is present on top which is also helpful for u.

    • Hi Mohit, is SDM office Nangloi provides marriage registration certificates. Because earlier when I went there to enquire, then the documents preparation guys said for marriage certificate you need to go to Rampura. I live in West Delhi, so can I get my marriage certificate from SDM Nangloi? or I need to go to Rampura?

  89. Thanks a lot for the information provided on this page. I got my marriage certificate today (Rampura – West Delhi). No tout, no bribe and no hassles. Took about 2 hours for the whole process.

  90. I do not have the acknowledgement receipt of the online application. the date is mentioned in the application number of the form.

  91. its been more than 2 months that my marriage has been solemnized. My doubt is whether there is a time frame in which we can register our marriage?

  92. HI allzhere,

    thank you for this wonderful helpful post to guide us through the process. now coming to my doubt, its been more than 60 days to my marriage. so do i have to fill my form as per the hindu act or the special act? and is there a fine for late registration?

    • Hi,

      Time Frame : Not that i am aware of.
      I got my marriage registered after couple of years. I didn’t pay any fine.
      Please check other comments to the post. You may be able to clarify further doubts.

  93. Hello Allzhere,
    Thank you for putting this information,
    I have couple of question for you

    I got married last year in Rajasthan,since then have moved to Mumbai with my wife,
    Now I want to get my marriage registered.

    1) Can I get it registered in Mumbai, From what I could find it is not possible under the standard hindu act as marriage registrar in Mumbai does not have autority over a marriage in Rajasthan,

    2) Should I go for the special marriage act, is there any issue with this,

    Hoping for suggestion from you,

    • Rishabh,

      Not much clue on that one.
      Will suggest you to just visit the nearest office once and enquire.
      By that you can be sure of your application contents as well.
      All the best. Please share your feedback. It will help others.

  94. I firstly congratulate all you guys who had such a good experience… We are having terrible time in getting our certificate.. We applied online 4 days back and got an appointment date of 7th July at SDM Saket office.. I have gone through a post of Tatkal marriage certificate at cost of Rs.10,000 in 24 hours.. So I was mentally prepared to pay Rs.10,000 to get the certificate in 24 hours. Though I have applied online , the Saket office people refused to accept online applications and we were in a shock. When we enquired about Tatkal thing, they said its mentioned only online and it is not acceptable anywhere. They very calmly told me that you will get an earliest date of November in case you apply today. Also we suffered a big time harassment when the officials were not aware about the area where our marriage got solemnized. They were clueless about pincode as well. After couple of hours, they asked us to go another SDM office at kalkaji as our residence lie in that area and kalkaji office people straightly refused us by saying that there is new notification that you can get your marriage registered only at the place where it has got solemnized.. We went Back again and then officials at Saket office told us that our certificates are attested but the attesting authority stamp does not mention his name so we will have get this thing attested again. When I raised voice that your form doesn’t say attested by gazetted officer. they told us that you should let this thing know to SDM.. As I am in urgent need of certificate for my visa, I did some JUGAAD with one of the official and paid Rs. 1000 to get all the papers attested again. He also told me that he will get the job done in a weeks time if I will pay him… He has asked for Rs.5000 to get me the certificate in a week time… Today we have gone again and he told us that he will submit the documents by some Jugaad and sent us back.. In evening he called me up and told me that I will get the certificate on Tuesday and I should send his money..

    I am in a big fix and feeling cheated … Suggest me immediately what to do….

  95. I got my marriage certificate .. Thanks for uploading each and every details and its very easy process especially in Delhi(just because of the descriptive information) .We got the appointment online . I booked as mentioned exactly at 12 midnight .

    However, just for the information the marriages which are solemnized after 1st May,2014 need 2 witness otherwise marriages before that should have only one witness.

  96. Hi all, i am going for my appointment for marriage certificate on 21 july 2014. Is there anyone have experience of getting the certificate from Kapashera SDM office. Please share your experience and I want to know, are they accepting parents as witness? My father who is a gazetted officer will be accompanying us. Please reply because i don’t want to take any chance.

  97. hi i m married to an army person since 11 years due to extreme postings n situation we never ever able to manage for marriage certificate .. right now we r posted to delhi ..cud we apply for it here . how to get parents s Affedevit here n witness who has attended our marriage.. my husband says that he has acknowledged me in his workplace otherwise how wud we get all d facilities from govt …

    • Hi,

      No clue on your specific case.
      May be you can try to visit the SDM as per your current residence and enquire.
      All the best. 🙂

  98. We have gotten a date of July 25th for Kapasera since the marriage was solemnized in Vasant Vihar temple. Please let me know about the following:

    1. What is the penalty for late registration (its been close to two years now)? Is it Rs. 1000 or different?

    2. Is my wife required to have any address proof as we both live in my father’s house? Or would the proof of her home address (which is in Delhi) be enough?

    3. How important is the Aadhar card? As my wife may not have hers.

    Ashok R

    • Hi Ashok,

      I have not heard of any fines or late fee. I got mine registered after couple of years.
      Regarding your other 2 questions, please refer to the post and comments carefully.
      They should help. All the best. 🙂

      • Thanks a lot. I called up the number provided on the acknowledgement receipt and was told that the online application is only applicable for West Delhi and not for Kapasera or any other distrcits / sub-districts.

        Went to the Kalkaji SDM and got a new application form which I will submit on Wednesday and see when I would get a date.

        Would you still advice me on going to Kapasera and trying my luck or just stick to the Kalkaji SDM?

        Ashok R

    • Its reply to your first question, rest I am not sure because we both had adhar card and address proof.

      There are no penalty as we got it done after 4 years of our marriage.


  99. Hi Group,

    Thanks for putting all the information relating to Marriage Registration in Delhi on this forum.

    Request for a quick information.

    I and my wife both are from Gurgoan but are Marriage was solemnized in Delhi only. Are we eligible for the registration in delhi, keeping in mind all are proof are from gurgoan only. As per what I have read it should be allowed.


  100. hi all, went to kapashera sdm office but in vain. We were told that there is no online registration in this district and you have to attach documents of two witness even if your marriage was solemnised before may 2014. Submit your all the documents and then we will give you a date and then you have to come with both witnesses on that date. First of all if there is no online process then why is the website generating the acknowledgement receipt and giving an appointment according to which we had to be there with all the documents and witnesses.

    • Hi Sunita,

      Sad to hear that.
      Even i have no clue why online appointment is not accepted.
      But, i will add your inputs to the post so others can be aware of such a situation.

  101. Dear Admin,

    I want to register my marrigae certificate and your post is very helpful, I have read many comments, but still confused about change of wife’s name. My wife want to change her surname only.

    Where exactly I have to mention my wife’s old name and new name? New name will mentioned in affidavit which is given by wife? And everywhere else it will be her old name. Could you please provide a screengrab of that affidavit.

    My wife doesn’t has the voter-id and aadhar before marriage, but I got both documents for her after marriage, in these two documents she has her new name mentioned and my home address. Will it be ok to present new name aadhar card?

    Please check and advise, thanks you for all your help.

  102. Hi,

    I wanted to know that whether online applications are still applicable for mrriage registeration or we need to go to office for appointment in west Delhi.


  103. Finally got my marriage certificate done after 2 years of marriage.

    Earlier my address falled under Saket office. When i visited Saket office, got to know that they don’t consider online applications.

    After an year, a new SDM office opened up in Lajpat Nagar area (Near LSR college). I was able to apply there in first attempt.All thanks to allzhere for such an informational post. I got all my docs in place. I got an appointment date of 3 months later. It was not an issue for me (afterall I ,atlast, got an appointment date!). After 2 months I got a call from SDm office informing that appointment has been pre-poned and I have to visit SDM after 2 days later. Again it was not an issue for me. Visited the SDM Office and get my certificate done in 1.5 hrs. You just need to verify ur details in the form they provide, sign it (husband,wife n witness), get the docs verified (originals needed for verifications), paid a fee of Rs. 200, waited fro turn to meet SDM, signed certificates in SDM room and got them. Not a difficult task!

    Hope you all also get ur marriage certis ASAP,

    P.S. :- Witness Form was not required at Lajpat Nagar SDM office. Just witness’s PAN card and photocopy would suffice. Only one witness is required. It can be anybody (friend,relative, parents or anyone).

  104. Hello,

    This post is extremely helpful and I thank the administrator for all the support.

    I thankfully desire your suggestion on the following queries:

    1. I reside in New Delhi (west district) and my wife used to reside in Gurgaon, Haryana. Our wedding ceremony was held in a hotel in Gurgaon. Can I register my marriage in New Delhi through Online application process? (I had read somewhere that online application is only available where the marriage has been solemnized in delhi which in my case the marriage was held in Gurgaon)

    2. Does self attested documents work or we need to compulsorily get the documents and photographs attested by a Gazetted officer only?

    3. What is the prescribed fees for application/ registration of marriage? Where is the fees required to be deposited?

    4. How many affidavits are required in total? Do we prepare the affidavits on our own on a blank A4 Sheet or is the affidavit required to be prepared by a notary on a stamp paper?

    5. Which form is applicable, the new 3 page form A (under Delhi compulsory registration of marriage order, 2014) or the old 2 page form would work?

    I would really appreciate your help on the above queries.


    • Paras,

      Thank you for the kind words.
      For #1, you should be good with the application at the SDM as per the residence area(proofs).
      Other queries are listed in posts and comments; request you to please go through the same.
      All the best. 🙂

  105. 1. The online registration for marriage certificate is down. Where do we report technical website issues?

    2. Where to get latest telephone number of SDM Punjabi Bagh. The number given online is very old.

  106. Hi
    I wanted to knoe, I applied for court marriage on 16th July n got the date of 18th August n was told to submit 3 witness doc before 1 week of solemnization date of marriage ie before 1 week of 18th August. Wen I went der yesterday d office was closed n was not notify about it. And I didn’t got any legal notice from dem. I went to saket sdm office. Can you plizz tell me wat to do nw.

    • Hi,
      I think you should enquire at the office only. No clue on this.
      Once you’re done, request you to please share the document list and experience, it will help others..

  107. Hi. I applied for my marriage registration appointment online at midnight through my smart phone.
    My appointment is scheduled on 29th of august 2014. Now my problem is, that i didn’t took printout of application form and acknowledgment slip.
    Now what should i do???
    Pls help….

  108. Hi,

    I had registered for marriage online and even got an acknowledgment number but i forgot to take out its printout. I have the number with me but i am unable to find the website where i can input it and take a print out. Can you please help me?

    Much thanks

    • Hi,
      No clue on this. I had printed my application and took all screenshots then and there while filling the application.

    • Hi Gunjan,
      Have you u got the acknowledgement slip or you went without it.
      Kindly share your experience I am facing the same issue.

  109. Please advise me on the following queries:

    1. Who should attest the 5 photographs (2 each plus 1 marriage photograph as pasted on a plain sheet). Can the attestation be done by one of the witnesses? also should all the 5 photographs be cross signed and Aadhar number written below each of the 5 photographs?

    2. How many photographs in total are required?

    3. Are the documents required to be attested by Gazetted officer or Self attested copies of documents would work well? (The form says documents to be attested by Gazetted officer however as mentioned in this post, self attested copies work fine)

    4. Should the affidavit of my wife contain her name after marriage (as desired by her)?

    Please advise.

    • Paras,
      All of the above queries are answered in the post itself and the follow up comments.
      Let us know if you still face concerns around it.

  110. I’m trying to get appointment online for last 2 weeks but always shows not availble even I tried 12 am formula but nothing ..can you tell can I get manual appointment from sdm….thanks pl reply nik hill

  111. is it compulsory to have adhar card of wife
    as my wife only have passport of old address
    no voter id no adhar card
    plz help me what should i do

    • Hi Ankit,

      The required documents are listed in the post and comments by various users.
      Request you to please go through it.
      All the best. 🙂

  112. I have got an online receipt and appointment for East Delhi (Shasti Nagar) Addln magistrate office. Please help me with the following queries –

    1. Any idea if there would be problem at the magistrate office (East Delhi office) even after getting the online receipt and time?
    2. Information regarding document attestation from gazetted officer. The government site says the attestation is required for photos (individual & together) pasted on plain paper. But at many places it is referred for all documents (expect receipt). Please clarify.
    3. I have address proof for my permanent address in delhi but not for the current address in Noida. For current address in Noida I have the registry against my parent’s name. Would this suffice.
    4. Will the certificate be handed over at the same time, can be collected later from the office or mailed to permanent or current address? How much time does it usually take.
    5. Can parents for bride and groom act as the witnesses? I believe they can but just got confused by a single non official reference which said no blood relation. Please confirm.
    6. The official statement for document says – “Passport size photograph of both parties (2 Copies each) as well their Ceremonial photographs pasted on a plain paper duly attested by any Officer/Official of Central or State Governments or Union Territory Administration of PSU/Autonomous bodies whose identity can be established or by any person having PAN of
    Income Tax and AADHAAR No.”
    If I read this it means this need not necessarily be gazetted office. Please confirm.

    Thanks for your help

    • Hi,

      Following are my inputs :
      1. No clue on this one. Hopefully , things should be good if you have online appointment.
      2. I got all attestation on all documents.
      3. N/A in my case. you can take your chance or enquire in advance.

      For all other pointers, will advice you to read the post and comments mentioned, it is listed in the content.
      All the best.


    • Hi abhinav,
      All queries are answered in the post and comments.
      Appreciate if you can go through the material.
      All the best.

  114. Hi All,

    I have taken the appointment but at that time do not print the Acknowledgement Page.Now i am unable to find the Acknowledgement Page as it has gone way so is there any way that i can get an acknowledgement receipt ?
    Is it mandatory to take print out of that as Appointment must be in there records ?

    Please Suggest.

  115. Hello Admin,

    I have submitted the documents manually at the Marriage registration cell office, Civil Lines.
    They had asked me to visit the office on November 4th 2014 for the registration.

    Now due to some official work I will not be available in delhi on November 4th.
    I need to know if we have any process to postpone this date ?

  116. Hi, need help. ‘m from Nagaland residing in Delhi since last 9yrs. Got married 4yrs back from Nagaland. Can i apply for Marriage Certificate in Delhi? If yes, any special doc required? or the same rule applies to everyone?

    thanks for helping.

    • Hi,

      Sorry, I am not aware of this particular situation. I think you should enquire at the nearest SDM office as per your residence.
      They should be able to guide you.
      All the best.

    • Hi,
      They will only issue the marriage certificate on the basis of either of three cases as mentioned below:
      1.Marriage solemnized in Delhi
      2.Husband resides in Delhi
      3. Wife resides in Delhi
      Residing means you have to show Voter ID card, Aadhaar Card issued from delhi

  117. Hi,
    We would be solemnizing our marriage in Delhi, but we dont have any address proof of Delhi. We both have a valid address proof of Haryana. Since the solemnization of marriage will be carried out in Delhi, can we get it registered in Delhi?
    Also, we need to get it done in a single day since just in a week we have to leave for US. I heard about a Tatkal scheme under which marraige is registered and certificate is provided just in a day. Could you please elaborate about that scheme?
    Also, my wife have Aadhar card but the address is of Orissa and I dont have Aadhar card. I have just applied for it and i have enrollment slip with me. So is it necessary to have a valid Aadhar card? Other that Aadhar card, we have voter Id card of haryana address.

    Thanks Much!!

  118. Hi!

    Thanks for such an informative blog…. it’s wonderful. I could manage to get an online appointment at one go!!! The 12 am formula really works. But since I come under the Saket jurisdiction, am slightly anxious as almost everyone in this blog mentioned about Saket office on MB road not accepting online applications. Although when I called them up, they told me its all online. Anyone has some recent experience with this office? I need the certificate a bit urgently by the month end, and the manual process I believe takes a couple of months…

    Shall appreciate any response.

  119. Hi !!!!

    Here’s another latest update on the Saket SDM office (MB road). I went there in person to check with the clerk in room no. 6 (he handles marriage registration) about the online process and if they accept online applications. He said a few months back it accepted manual applications but now its all online. Good for all of us!!

    Also they only ask for 1 witness. And the photographs need to be pasted on an A4 sheet like we play 4 corners – husband’s 2 photos on the top 2 corners, wife’s 2 photos on the bottom 2 corners and the marriage photo in the middle – all cross attested by a Gazetted Officer. The stamp of the Gazetted officer should bear his name, designation and office address.

    Shall update you further on my experiences on the 19th appointment.


  120. Hi,

    I have different address on my Aadhar card than my Voter ID card.Will that be a problem?

    Also Please suggest if the the Utility bills are mandatory because I don’t have Voter ID card on my Current Residence.I have the Voter ID card for my previous Residence.

  121. We got married 10 months ago. We want to register our marriage now in Delhi. We both have address proofs of Delhi. Is it necessary for wife to change address ( i.e. her husband’s address) in all documents before applying for marriage registration? Or all the address change on documents are done after marriage registration?

    • Neeti,

      In my case, one address proof of wife which is same as husband’s was asked for.
      Not sure if its still the same.
      All the best. 🙂

  122. hi,i got married last year and i have applied online for marriage certificate but while filling up the form by mistake i mentioned the date of wedding incorrectly. now the form is submitted. plz let me know if i can still go on the date given online to the sdm office and get the formalities done. will they accept if i propose the change in wedding date then and there with all the proofs or will i have to apply afresh

  123. My marriage took place in Mundka; tried taking an appointment online but mundka doesn’t show up anywhere. Which district & locality should I select?

  124. I took an online appointment to get my sister’s marriage registered at Rampura.

    I was provided the slot for Feb 06, 2015 [10 am – 12 pm].

    We reached there on time but unfortunately I was told by everyone over there that no marriage can be registered due to Delhi Vidhan Sabha Elections.

    This is very disappointing. How come the online appointments are being provided when there is no work force present to attend them.

  125. Hi, Thanks to #allzhere the post and the threads were really helpful. After few glitches it all just went through and got my marriage certificate. Just wish to apprise everyone of the fact that at SDM Delhi Cantt office the PAN CARD is mandatory for witnesses.

  126. Dear Sir,
    Please be advised that my son got married and we also obtained the marriage certificate. My daughter -in – law who posses the PAN card and AADHAR Card in her old name with surname. Now she has got married to my son and surname will be different. In this case if I need to change her surname to new one what are the procedures and forms to be filled.
    We are at staying in Indore.
    Rgds/Ashok Soni -9827671624

  127. Hi,

    I have got an online appointment for the 5th of June 2015 at Delhi Cantt SDM office. Can anyone post their experiences regarding the same?

    Also, as per my understanding, attestation by a Govt officer isnt required now (as was earlier) .. can someone confirm?

    • Well, I got my certificate today after a bit of confusion and complaints.

      Some points:
      1) Reqd documents include ID, address proofs and photos – Self attested
      3) Witness Identification – PAN & Address proof.

      The confusion was regarding the form to be filled – Form A. We downloaded it from Delhi Govt site but the clerk there gave us a completely new form. We brought this to SDM’s notice who was surprised. He has now asked the clerk to accept all forms given on site.

  128. Thanks for putting up this site. It helped me get my documents in order. One question

    The e-registration of marriage happens at E-SUB REGISTRAR VA, OLD TEHSIL BUILDING, MEHRAULI, NEW DELHI (South District) whereas the online appointment I have got is for the DC office, M.b road, Saket (South District). Some posts here complain Saket DC office dos not accept online applications.
    Would I be able to take my application to the E-Sub registrar office on the appointed date though the same is not mentioned on the e-appointment taken?

    • I’ll answer my own question for the benefit of others.

      Firstly a big THANKYOU to allzhere for setting up this post. It helped me get my registration done with ease and without the help of any agents/tout. This experience is for marriage that fall in Saket jurisdiction

      – Online applications only are accepted.
      – Though the online application will direct you to DC office, Saket, go on the appointed date to e-subregistrar office in Mehrauli. That’s were online registrations take place for South district
      -Adhaar based application form and Adhaar card mandatory
      – 2 witness required with Adhaar (mandatory) and PAN card
      – getting online appointment takes time due to heavy load on site (took me a week) but be patient and keep trying at random hours: nightime theory works
      – entire process will take you 2-3 hours once you’re there
      – registration certificate issued same day
      – witness form not required

      SDM and the staff at Tehsil Building, Mehrauli are very, very helpful. The process is very transparent so no need for agent/touts as they wont be able to expedite the process for you. Follow this post and reach with documents suggested on this post and your work will be done

  129. Thanks Admin,

    Only because of your all information provided on this website i got my certificate on same day(yesterday) and without any hassle and problem, Few points want to add:

    1. No requirement of attested by gazetted officer at rampura centre, they accept self attested documents.
    2. It is better if you reach some early before your scheduled time because they allot no. also there.
    3.Witness must carry their pan cards and one address proof.
    4. They will provide 2 forms there also which you have to fill that time only.

    No need to take any tension this all process is very smooth if you have all documents available. Thanks..

    • Hi Nikhil,

      Two witnesses required or one would do? I got married 7 months back and have an appointment at Rampura office on 15th July 2015. Please inform regarding no. of witnesses required ??..

  130. My question is about the witness. Someone told me witness can not be in blood relation with the applicant. Is it true? Can someone share their experience?

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  132. Hi,

    I have got an online appointment for 15th July, 2015 at Rampura office. I have a query regarding the application form to be filled and duly signed by husband & wife. I have read all posts of this thread. The current online website doesn’t offer a link to view or print the application form. Alos two versions of application forms are present if we fill them manually. One is the Aadhar based form available on Dept. of revenue site ad the other one is available on delhi govt. site, the link of which is given in the post by allzhere.

    I have all other documents ready alongwith the acknowledgement receipt. Also please note that acknowledgement receipt always gives date of marriage in the wrong format (Suppose you enter 03/11/2013 in the online form and submit, receipt will show 11/03/2013); which i suppose is not much of a worry.
    Could anyone please guide which application form to use and fill and sign? Really confused about the same. Please help ! I will share my experience as i visit the centre.

  133. I had booked an online appointment 6 days back, for the 27th of July, but when I tried checking it again, it said NO RECORDS found… That is surprising.!

    Does this happen ? They wash off/loose your appointment records ?

    I made another appointment today, and when I search that appt. number it does show valid record, but the Appointment slot is not available…

    • Hello gags,
      The reason why u are not able to find your record is that when you try to search using the registration number & details , there is a bug in their website related to the date format while putting all details it will ask you to put in dd/mm/year format but when you try to search you will have to put mm/dd/year ,for example if your wedding date is 6/7/2014 ..try putting the date as 7/6/2014 ,it will show you your details.

      I have seen the same thing happened with me.

      Hope it will help

  134. I have recently got my Marriage registration made , the information given here is pretty informative.
    Few comments from my side , in the wife’s affidavit ,i was asked to mention wife’s name before marriage ,old address and new name and new address in the needed format.

    No need of getting the documents attested by Gazetted officer,self attestation is more than enough.
    No need of Electricity bill or gas bill.
    For the Marriages that took place before May 2014 ,if people get the registration done now there is no need to pay any penalty but for the marriages after May 2014 after 60 days of Marriage if you fail to get the Marriage registered you will need to pay a penalty as well up-to maximum 1000 RS with the Registration fees of RS 200

    PAN card of the witness is mandatory so please ask the witness to carry the PAN card.
    Witness could be both from Groom’s or bride’s side , there is no necessity of having the witness from each side ,they need 2 witness.

    Last comment is that you need to paste a Marriage photograph on an A 4 size paper with 2 photographs each of husband and wife ,to be attested by the witness with their sign,date and PAN number.

    Hope it helps

    • Thanks for valuable information.
      The affidavit to be submitted is only having single column of wife address. So how to write both old and new address in that column. Do I have to deviate from standard format of affidavit, to add wife present address with old address.
      Kindly help me out. My date for marriage registration at kapashera center is 05/08/2015.

  135. Do i have attest marriage photo (postcard size) to be attested by witness.

    There is space for pasting wife and husband photo in witness form. Do these photos has to be attested by witness. Apart from this, do I have to attest photograph pasted on separate A4 paper from witness.

  136. …..I have applied for marriage registration via online portal and I got an appointment on 07/08/2015 at 4:08 pm. Kindly help me on following questions!
    @ what is the best time to reach SDM office for an appointment of 4:08 pm?
    @ Can I go with my wife’s parents as per witness requirement?
    I have applied via online and they gave me 4:08 appointment, I hope they consider this registration or should I reach there before 10 am for submission of forms?

  137. We had a pretty brutal experience getting this done, but I can offer some tips! This review is for the certification process at the Kapashera branch. We got there and IMMEDIATELY realized that our form (the one on all websites) is OUTDATED! The only correct form is available in a small photocopy shop right outside the kapashera office. When we complained to the PA about this, they said that they had no control over what was printed on the website!! Apparently this was the central government’s responsibility! We were pissed off because we had obtained these forms from a clerk at the Dwarka District court and he too gave us an old, outdated one!

    So our day began with us filling out running around finding a new form; filling it and self attesting it! There was NO need for a gazetted officer to attest the main form. This new form also has information about witnesses including their full address, 2 ID numbers, and phone numbers. MAKE SURE that your witnesses are with you all day because they have to be there with you during every step of the process. Also, you require witnesses with ID cards from Delhi. They won’t consider witnesses from Haryana/UP too even if they have all their documents and attended the marriage.

    The Kapashera Office deals with registration cases in separate rooms for marriages that took place in Dwarka and Bijwasan (Dwarka Road). We first got into the Dwarka line because my husband lives in Dwarka but after checking our documents, they sent us to another room where only Bijwasan registrations took place.

    We were lucky to have booked an appointment online. Because of this, we were no. 3 in line. However, the woman in the office made us run around TONS of times for different silly issues. There were a total of 6-8 marriage registrations only that day but boy did they take ALL day for this process. After our documents were okay’d, we came to know that the IAS officer who was the SDM was in a meeting at Kashmere Gate and wouldn’t arrive until later that afternoon. So we waited patiently until around 3 pm. After that the process moved very quickly.

    My advice:

    – Book an appointment online. We heard that people who didn’t have appointments were asked to come back after 1-2 months.
    – Aadhar Card is not mandatory. As long as you have address proofs in different forms, you should be fine.
    – Make sure your witnesses can stay all day. Once documents are submitted, the witness will have to wait for you until the SDM calls you inside during the final round before your certificate is stamped. Ask them to take the whole day off from work. Also, they should have 2 forms of ID.
    – If you don’t have a witness, it will be very hard to find someone inside because normally people are reluctant to give their PAN card information.
    – There is a photocopy shops right next to the entrance to the Kapashera office. There is a 100%
    chance that you will be missing some document and will need to print something out.

  138. Hi. Aadhar card is no longer mandatory. Kindly update the information.

    I have my appointment at Saket tmrw, will update after experience.

  139. Dear All,

    I want to apply for marriage certificate in South Delhi. Can anyone throw light on how much time period is normally taken to get the certificate from the date of applying?

    Thanks in advance.

  140. Hi

    I want to register my marriage. My queries are as follows:-
    1. If wife’s affidavit should be in after marriage name then which address we should mention in affidavit –after marriage husband address or before marriage address.
    2. Can we get our papers notorised by any SDM
    3. We got married in 2013 how many witnessess we required.

    Thankds & Rgds

    • Dear Sir/ Madam,

      I wish to apply for marriage registration under Hindu Marriage Act. I have already fixed an online appointment on 04.09.15.

      However, I need few clarification for which I shall be grateful.

      1. My appointment is fixed at Tughlakabad extension, near batra hospital. However, some friends are saying it should be at sdm court near saket. I stay in Kalkaji (South east delhi).

      2. Do I need to bring my wife and witness on 04.09.15 plus all supporting documents?

      3. When I shall be getting the marriage certificate on 04.09.15 or later?

      4. Is gazetted officer required these days?

      Thanking you in advance.

      Shantanu Dutta

      • 2. Do I need to bring my wife and witness on 04.09.15 plus all supporting documents?


        3. When I shall be getting the marriage certificate on 04.09.15 or later?

        Same day

        4. Is gazetted officer required these days?


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  142. Got Marriage certificate yesterday 16-09-2015 from DC office Kapashera. First of all I am thankful to all the people and admin here for posting useful and relevant information here.

    Few points from my side based on my experience:

    1) For marriage before 2014 notification you need to deposit fee of Rs.200, we married in year of 2011
    2) Fee of Rs. 1200 has been charged including penalty in cash for delay registration (more than one year after marriage) after notification of 2014
    3) 8 Passport photographs and one marriage photo pasted on plain paper and self attested is require
    4) 2014 marriage form duly filled is require
    5) Witness should be based in Delhi with Pancard, Voter Id card and Aadhaar card is require
    6) 10th Certificate of both husband and wife is require for Date of birth
    7) Be prepared to give time from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM if you are lucky then can get free after 1:00 PM anytime
    8) You will get your marriage certificate duly signed by SDM same day
    9) Please do bring fevicol and stapler too 🙂
    10) Keep your and witness original document handy
    11) No interview will be taken only signatures are require and matching of original document will be done by SDM himself
    12) No utility bills are require though i brought the originals
    13) Witness can be blood relative in my case it was my brother is accepted here
    14) Original marriage invitation card require they will keep original one

    Last but not the least as said by all please keep patience while dealing with them they are humble and helpful.


  143. Got marriage certificate today from Rampura, few points
    Note: Staff is really helpful.

    . No gazetted officer attestation required, all the documents should be self attested and don’t forget to write date under signatures.
    . No utility bill is required for address proof.
    . Pan, Aadhar, voter id card required for both husband wife and also for two witnesses.
    . 10th passing certificate for husband and wife also required.
    . Affidavits from husband and wife required, you could get from outside for rs 160.
    . Download the form website as the one which they sell outside do not have information to put aadhar card info or paste photos.
    . Witness form also required.
    . Online Appointment acknowledgement slip required.
    . Original marriage card leaf to be attached.
    . 6 passport photos for each party and 1 marriage photo wearing jaymala is also required. 1 photo on application form, 1 photo on each witness form (their would be 2 witness forms, one for each witness), 1 photo they paste on their register, 2 photos of husband and wife each pasted on a4 paper, husbands on top two corners and wife’s on bottom 2 corners with marriage photo in center and both witnesses to attest photos with signature and pan number written on all photos on a4 paper.
    . Fees only 200rs with no fine.
    . Get facials done before and apply makeup because they would also click your joint pic which would be visible on marriage certificate. 🙂

  144. hi !! I have taken online appointment of 6th oct,15 and one witness out of 2 is not available which i mentioned on registration page . can we take other witness apart from registred witness .
    one witness is my mother in law and second is my father is it OK.?
    second question . when i printed the recipt its says fee shoul be paid within 7 days
    not clear can we pay when we are visiting and how to reschedule the appointment on re appointment option system ask for application no. when i am entering temporary appointment no.given ob ack slip system is not taking.
    pls help

  145. Hello,

    I was trying for online procedure.where i found that all documents as well as photographs need to be scan n upload.
    For this i would like to confirm it is showing need to upload affidavit for husband as well as for wife which should be minimum of 2 pages each.

    is the online procedure is changed now???
    It was also showing that i need to complete uploading of all docs and pics within 72 hrs of registration???????

  146. I have filled the online application, and am yet to finalize the slot. I will be in Delhi for just a week, and wanted to know if I need to appear after 1 month again for the registration process. I wont be able to do that as i am working in Pune.

    • Also, wanted to know that I am given an option to select either of 2 SDM offices, one according to the place of marriage, and one wrt my permanent address. Should I select any of them, do they ask for any proof at SDM near place of marriage?
      the one near place of marriage is Rampura, read good reviews of the staff here , so inclined to select that, hope it doesnt cause any trouble

  147. Hello,
    Recently I have applied for Marriage registration in Delhi, through the online portal.
    I have received the marriage certificate, but the Address provided in the certificate for Bride is address after marriage. Asking the employees there, they said the address provided in the marriage certificate is taken itself by the system and it is of After marriage address for bride and Groom. I am not sure about it. Could you please confirm if this is the correct thing or address of bride which should appear on certificate should be before marriage address. (As currently my all the proofs are of before marriage address).


      • Hi Sonal,
        I am going to apply for marriage registration certificate, but I am confused regarding address to be filled for my wife after marriage.

        My wife has documentary proofs of address before marriage, i.e. of Kanpur.
        So, in the “Address after marriage she should fill Kanpur address or my address, i.e. New Delhi.

  148. A very useful article. Helped me a lot. The sequence of documents and witness form helped me get my work done fast at sdm office.
    I would like to add that at Rampura, witness can be blood relatives… it will not be an issue.
    Also, dont get trapped with agents…. uploading documents is easy and even in general, u get appointment in 4-7 days.
    If you have difficulty uploading documents due to allowed size of 100 kb… the trick is to upload Photocopies of your passport (both front n back) and photocopies of affidavits, rather than original.
    Thanks again!

  149. Hi, i am from Mumbai and got married in Delhi last year. All my address proof’s are of Mumbai. Can i apply for Marriage certification in Delhi? In online form they ask for Permanent residence in Delhi after Marriage where as in my case the permanent address after marriage would be of Mumbai.

    • Hi Anand,

      If all documents required for application have mumbai address; then you should apply in mumbai. Even if you try applying in delhi; chances are that it will get rejected as you will not have any supporting documents for delhi permanent residence.
      That’s what i think. All the best.
      Please share your feedback of application process; it can help others. 🙂

  150. Hi,
    My wife has changed her name after marriage but had to fill the online application using her old name as the system pulls information based on voter id/ aadhar entered by the user.I have made the affidavit based on her new name. Also i would be carrying the Gazette copy regarding the name change. Would the authorities raise any concern to provide Marriage Certificate with changed name?

  151. Hi,

    I got married in December 2014 and have been planning to get my marriage registered since then. I tried filling forms online and I’m supposed to upload affidavit there along with other documents. When you upload the affidavit, the page asks for document no. what’s the document number for a self attested affidavit? And the affidavit is supposed to be self attested, right?

    Additional information- We are a resident of Greater Kailash-2

  152. Hi there,

    I wanted to apply for marriage certificate under special marriage act. I am not carrying marriage invite card. Since we dont have ‘ver mala’ Ceremony what should be eligible in this case, a Joint photo wud do, during marriage ceremony. I came to know somewhere a birth certificate of kids will also helpful in this case.
    Your suggestions are most welcome.


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