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This document describes procedure to apply in BSES Rajdhani Electricity Department for a Name change for the Electric Meter after purchasing property in delhi. The process is same for other request categories, the document may vary. You can check the BSES Website for more details on documents required in your case.

BSES has a door step service where in you can register for DSS online or call their customer care and raise a request for Name change. The Customer care representative will ask for some details and confirm the documents required. He will raise a request for Engineer/Inspector visit and provide you with a request number. Keep this request no. handy with yourself. It is needed by the Engineer/Inspector on visit. Further, you can track your application progress with this number online as well.

Following is the list of documents required for name change:

  1. ID Proof: Identity proof of applicant. (Passport/ Election ID/ Aadhar Card etc).
  2. Address proof of applicant. (Passport/ Election ID/ Pan Card etc).
  3. Proof of ownership: Conveyance Deed if property is free hold from DDA. Else, copy of registry of sale deed. Please confirm these for your case from customer care representative.
  4. Duly filled form: There is a name change form to be filled by the applicant. You can get this form from any BSES office and fill it. You can also download the form from here. For all other BSES related form, click here.
  5. Photos: 2 Passport size photographs.

The inspector will visit your place and ask for originals of all attached documents. He will verify application and put a stamp on all documents. He will provide you with an acknowledgement slip.

The application is processed within 20-30 days.

There is also an option to visit BSES office and deposit the application form and documents. In that case, all your documents should be attested by a “Notary”.

After this request is processed, a new CA number is allotted to you. Hence, I would suggest you to follow up after 20 days to avoid any communication issue. Eg. Your e-bill might not reach you as it is not registered for your new CA number. I suffered late payment due to this.

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29 thoughts on “BSES Name Change for Electric Meter/ Bill

  1. It appears you really know very much with regards to this subject matter and it exhibits with this blog, named “BSES Name Change for Electric Meter/ Bill « allzhere”.
    I am grateful ,Frederick

  2. Name Change from Manohar Singh TO Mukesh Goel 6/ 175 shop no-4, Geeta Colony. Delhi-31 my Present CRN no 1220064223

    • I suggest you call the BSES customer care for updates.
      They are efficiently responsive and will be able to assist you.
      I was able to get help from them.
      All the best.

  3. Dear. Sir pls change the name shri mati suhko devi to shri prahlad rai B-852 madipur j.j colony CRN No 2640095598
    Pin code -110063
    Thanks regards
    Shri prahlad rai

  4. Hello, Thank you for the information you have given. This have helped much as i was worried about the hassle we will have to go through for the same. But it looks simple and hope it is so.

    I have just one question. Do we have to pay any fees for BSES Electricity Connection Name Change Request ?

    Request your reply on this as that was not mentioned above.

    Thanks a lot for your help

    • Nadeem,

      This service was free of cost when i got the same for my house. However, i am not sure of now. I think it should be free.
      You can call customer care and confirm.

      Please share your feedback about the same.

  5. Sir my connenction name is my taya ji. what document required to connection in my mummy name. My father is no more and property divided by my taya ji will in the name of my father and my father general power of attorney in my mummy name. Wht document is required to change the connection in my name.

    • Pankaj,

      The required documents are mentioned in the post.
      In case you have any confusion; just contact BSES at the nearest office or customer care.
      They were very co-operative when i had applied for my case.

  6. Dear. Sir pls change the name shri surja ram to mr.banwari s/o surja ram 6/36 trilok puri delhi 110091 CRN No 1240100068
    Pin code -110091
    Thanks regards

    • Hi,
      This is a post that shares our learning.
      We do not offer any services related to it.
      You will have to make efforts at your end to process it.
      All the best.

  7. Hi,
    i hasd purchased a second floor in nehru nagar south delhi and it had a separate meter for the floor, but the meter is registered on the name of original allotte of the building.

    So how i can transfer on my name as i am a third party who is purchasing that property????
    Please advice


    • Hi Arun…the documents required ard listed in the post.
      If you have those, your application should be good.
      All the best.

  8. Name Change from Smt.Sheela Davi TO Rajpal R/o G.32,Gali no.2A,West karawal Nagar Delhi-94 my Present CRN no 1250058856-CA.No.101414176

  9. prahlad rai on May 6, 2013 at 8:28 PM said:

    Dear. Sir pls change the name ms.Sheela Davi to Rajpal r/o G.32,Gali no.2A.West karawal nagar CRN No 1250058856
    Pin code -110094

    • Hi,
      This is a blog post that shares experience.
      You need to apply on your own as per the steps listed. We cannot help with regards to your query.

  10. As per detail provide in your post i was go to the hyperlink for downloading the form for name changing application but bses site was open. please suggest link for downloading form for changing name of electricity bill

  11. I want to change the name of my rlectric meter bses yamuna ….ca no-101206669…….this meter install bybthe name of my mother …now i want to change the name my mother to my name …..and now the paper of this Property by my name …..

  12. Dear Mam/Sir
    The electricity bill was my father’s name Mr. Tek Chand
    Address: D-II- 340, Madangir, New Delhi-62
    CA No.: 101660641

    But now the bill name changed other person why?

    Last bill payed by me Because

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